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  1. Random Kernel Panics?

    Metrogirl thanks a lot for your feedback Is it possible to deactivate every single hardware component like as Windows Device Manager does? I ask this because I always use my SkyStar 2 while I am working under Windows, and it's very uncomfortable pulling and inserting the PCI card every time I reboot Concerning my USB devices, I am quite sure that I plugged them correctly but I'll check this out lol Thanks a lot for suggesting the Console.app; I'll check the logs so that I'll try to see what's going wrong with OSX (at least I hope so)
  2. Random Kernel Panics?

    Hi all, I have been silently watching over OSX86 progress and now I finally decided to install X on my spare 160GB PATA disk. I formatted my drive and copied my custom deadmoo image (which works ok under VMWare, and is already patched with Maxxuss 0.5c) using Disk Utility, everything was ok. I was also able to boot into OSX and work in finder using platform=x86pc or the ACPI one, however I experience random kernel panics. As I am quite a noob in OSX (or unix environment in general), where can I check for the cause i.e. some log files (and, of course, a possible solution ) of this problem? Also OSX keep complaining that a USB device is consuming too much power (I never saw nothing similar in XP). Any hint for this problem, too? My specs: ABIT AV8 Athlon64 3500+ (939, Newcastle core, SSE 2) 2GB RAM (4x512 MB RAM) NVidia GeForce 6800 128MB 1x 80GB PATA HD (Primary Master, backup drive) 1x 160GB PATA HD (Primary Slave, HFS+) 1x 80GB SATA HD (NTFS, Windows XP#1) 1x 120 GB SATA HD(NTFS, Windows XP#2) Bluetooth Dongle Sound Blaster Audigy 2 SkyStar 2 PCI Satellite card Thanks for your attention