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  1. craigwn

    sound ,DELL Optiplex755,10.9 Maverick

    Voodoohda 2.8.4 works for this, it does have some distortion though, a cheap USB sound card is another alternative
  2. craigwn

    Dell optiplex 755 Maverick's install

    I use this version, and it works well... AppleIntelE1000e.kext.zip
  3. craigwn

    Dell optiplex 755 Maverick's install

    Just a quick note mine is the 755 sff not the mini tower, so that DSDT may not work the same for you, but then again I'm not sure which system it was made on, they all use the same chipsets etc.. so you may want to test it out once you have your system up and running.
  4. craigwn

    Dell optiplex 755 Maverick's install

    your install is almost identical to mine... except i have a hd6450 not a 5xxx. The only kext i needed was IOPCIFamily.kext from 10.8.5 as the one in mavericks panics on this machine at the moment. I have attached the file I used, plus a DSDT which i found elsewhere on the forum (Sorry I am not sure who originally posted this, but it is their work not mine) with these 2 files i got through install, (using myhack) I then had to boot using -f flag to copy the kext into s/l/e then it has booted fine ever since, and most things appear to be fixed in the DSDT, sleep etc... I'm running bios A22. p.s. if anyone else is using these files, I have the optiplex 755 SFF 755 Mavericks.zip