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    Why is Apple so tolerant of us?

    I think if they keep with the free OS idea in future releases it may actually turn out that their business model picks up the profit from all of the other places, as in hitting a potentially bigger audience promotes giving them more money. If they allowed people with legitimate copies of their OS to be installed on hardware they didn't produce, the theory may well be that those who don't buy their hardware with OSX and such probably weren't much of a guarantee of income. Once again, it allows an audience for their products to grow upon. Basically, don't deny them their cut and they are quite capable of profiting off it.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm working a g5 case just like many others around here, however I have plans to find a nice font and mask it under the apple logo, then paint the case in black to make my backplate and motherboard tray uniform with the case. (peeling up the masking puts my little signiature on the case in the original g5 silver, preserving it) I'm kinda also looking around for decals of the original apple logo that will close enough line up with the existing one on the g5 case, does any know where on the internet may sell some higher quality ones? Anyhow aside from that enquiry I thought maybe we could have a few people showing off the things they do with paint/stickers/art in a thread here, and I'll contribute as soon as I get something worth showing.
  3. Avishadur

    What antivirus do you use on your Windows?

    I use Microsoft Security Essentials personally and manage quite well. When doing installs for others I simply put either that or AVG free, and they do their job. On the other hand, Symantec and Norton are the complete opposite of a good idea in my books. The programs have in the past proven to hog resources and take over things that I really wish they didn't (especially when I want to change said things and I have to negotiate kindly with norton to do it). All in all everyone you ask knows better than the last and tell you a different story, myself included, and no matter what you decide you should look towards smarter browsing to prevent heavily needing whichever you choose. Stupid mistakes invalidate all the protection in the world.
  4. Avishadur

    Windows 7 Help! Urgent!

    what hardware are we talking here? it could be having a hard time agreeing with processing capabilities or something edit: oops, it's in your sig...
  5. Avishadur

    PowerMac G5 Diagrams

    Okay, hey, I may have missed over it already, but with normal leads you can take the wires out of the plastic connector and move it to another without solder or anything. Is this panel's connector a different size so I can't just do that? Because people seem to be talking about soldering when they do it, and I feel it would be messier-looking that way. Also thanks for all the diagrams, they were wonderfully informative.
  6. Avishadur

    Introduce yourself.

    Hey all, I'm Avi, I'm an Australian uni student doing computer science, found you guys while working on making a g5 case fit pc motherboards, and I enjoyed learning about all the things you like to do here. Hope to be an active member in the future, Avi