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  1. Hi Insanely Mac Community, I need to help and expertese, I do work for a print works, its a family business that is growing steadily. The print works has about 8 full time designers and a couple of part timers too. The designers work mainly with iMacs, and 1 or 2 Mac Pro servers. They do design work of photoshop and commonly work with graphics file anywhere up to 1/4 of a gig in size. The designers would tend to work with many files at a time and have fairly heavy demands on their machines and their lifespan is not so long. Files are stored either localy on the design machines or loaded to a file share for the printers to pick up. In general the system works well. However providing machines for new designers or refreshing machines for current designers is a very expensive business and this is the area I need your help and expertese with. The cost of new/refurbished or near new iMacs is still a lot of money. Could a standard intel pc like a dell/hp with be used with a mac os for graphic design? Or a standard intel PC with SSD, extra memory and high end graphics be suitable? Could a MacPro Servers with VMware ESXi be modified to serve 2 or 3 designers sitting in close proximity? (thats a mac pro server with 2/3 vms running osx 10.9 using individual graphics cards using passthrough, sufficient local drives and memory) please give any ideas on affordable solutions, thanks Gringro