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  1. CPU temperature in iStat

    Just downloaded 3.11, though the About menu shows 3.12 (?). Still nothing here, either. Shucks that rolling back didn't fix it. Any idea what it could have changed such that even reverting to a previously-good version wouldn't work?
  2. CPU temperature in iStat

    Did anyone else have the display of their CPU temperatures break in a recent iStat Menus upgrade? Previously everything worked great through FakeSMC, but as soon as I upgraded from iStat 3.04 to iStat 3.10, my CPU temperatures went away. Now only the hard drive temperature is shown under temperatures. (They show correctly in Temperature Monitor.) Just wondering if this happened to anyone else.
  3. Why Ubuntu

    More to the original thread -- My day job sees me administering racks of CentOS/RHEL machines, so I like to think I know my way around Linux well enough. I ran Gentoo for years on my desktop. But my (non-Mac) laptop runs Ubuntu, not any of the more "hardcore" distros I've worked with. The reason is really pretty simple -- I want my own computer to be easy to use. I don't mind having to tweak config files or rebuild binaries at work, because it's my job. But when I come home, I want to use my computer, not work on it. I suspect modern distros are much better, but I've just had so many headaches in the past trying to get dependencies right or trying to recompile Apache and its myriad dependencies that I fled and found something that usually just worked. (Incidentally, this is the same reason I left Windows back in the 95/98 days.)