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  1. HighPoint RocketRaid 3520

    Hi, It is not the same controller but if you look at that thread you might see a light at the end of the tunnel. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=103353 Last post contains step by step .. Good luck.
  2. ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    1. install the card and build the raid in the card BIOS (0, 1, 5 whichever you want) 2. from an already working OSX hard disk, install the driver OSX driver for the rocketraid 2310 card 3. partition and format your newly detected volume (I used guid) 4. install EFI and make the new volume bootable (many good guide to find out how on this forum) 5. connect another hard disk on non raid controller and install a clean new OSX (this will be your source OS to clone from) 6. install the card driver and any other drivers you want on your final OS 7. reboot with the first OSX 8. clone with superduper or any similar tools using the clean hard disk install as source and the raid array as destination 9. make sure your BIOS boot sequence is using the raid card first OR disconnect the two independant hard disk from the system 10. enjoy OSX on your new RAID note. There are supposed to be some other method that would not require using a clean source but I didn't manage to get them to work like loading the driver from your install CD shell (some dependency problem) Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    well right now I'm running 2 seagate 750gb in raid 0 without any issues. Regards
  4. ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    A1 for running / booting osx from 2302 raid 0.
  5. ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    I received my rocketraid 2302 pci-e x1 card. So far so good ! .. I connected, built the array in the card bios and installed the drivers on the osx running on my standard SATA disk. rebooted and the raid showed up. loaded the memory to 4gb/4gb and no crash !! (would have crashed with sil3132 connected). Next step is to fully reinstall on the raid array and see how everything goes when booting from it. I will only post further reply to this post if I have more issues.
  6. ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    After searching a lot, I ordered a Highpoint Rocketraid 2302 4 Channel 2INT 2EXT SATA2 RAID Controller Card PCI-E1X 0/1/5/10/JBOD. 127$ cnd + 10$ shipping. I should have it maybe today or tomorrow. I saw some success using it in osx with 4+gb of ram and they seem to keep osx drivers up to date. I will definitly post my result here. Regards
  7. 24" LCD display

    I am running 1920x1200 without any issues. I guess the biggest question is does your graphic card supports it and are you using the good driver. Good luck
  8. ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    no KP .. just freeze .. I deactivated any IDE controller in my bios and removed any related kext. Jmicron viaata, etc. I have a leopard installation on an independant sata disk (non raid). If I boot it and fill up the ram with the sil kext loaded it freeze. If I take th card off it works fine. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Regards
  9. I purchased a Sil3132 raid 1/0 card. I managed to boot leo4allv3 from it just fine. As soon as I go over 3gb memory usage, the computer freeze. After some testing, I have no issue at all when the card is not in the computer. It seems like the silicon driver does not like high memory usage. I can live with the fact that a 10$ ebayed soft raid card does not handle 4gb+ ram easily. but I wont settle for 2gb of memory. Can someone tell me from having tried it if a RocketRaid 2310 will handle 4gb+ of ram please? The investment is much greater and I would not want to waste cash on this. Regards, Giga-Byte P35-DS3L mb Q6600 2x2gb Crucial @ 667Mhz