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  1. Great guide indeed! I can successfully get Snow Leopard running on my Asus P5B Deluxe Wifi-AP but I'm having trouble getting the WIFI to work. It's a Realteak 8187L and with the various install discs I've used for Leopard and Snow Leopard, I have yet to get the Wifi working correctly. I have used the P5B driver off the Asus website, I've used a few kexts given on websites here... the closest I can get is to have the Realtek WLAN Client to display all the WIFI access points (including mine) and I can connect (seemingly) to my own router (o2 thomson) but I dont have internet access when it says Connected in the status. (Router uses WPA2-PSK / AES) Please help me identify which steps I am missing. A few years ago I had this setup working with Leopard but now I can't get Leopard or Snow Leopard working. My BIOS version is 0711. SHould I downgrade? Would that affect the Wifi? Legacy USB mode has been both on and off. Thanks for any help
  2. The Last Straw

    So I've restored Kalyway and iATKOS now to a blank 250GB SATA HDD but when I boot from it I just get a blinkingn cursor. I've ordered a SATA-DVD drive but I won't get that for another week...is anybody here clever enough to know why this is happening? WHen I boot from the DVD Disc I get the old "apple.boot.list" thing because its an EIDE-DVD drive (Jmicron on a P5B-Deluxe)... so this is my only other option at the moment. A thousand thankyous to anyone who knows what the problem is!
  3. Installing Leopard from IPOD !

    leopard flat image? ive not heard of that... what is it? I'll go check my BIOS settings now to see if i can boot from USB/Firewire. I've read on other forums that OSX doesnt like to install from USB drives, only Firewire - but my ipod has both so I'll try both. FIngers Crossed
  4. Installing Leopard from IPOD !

    thanks for the quick response tweak... I've managed to copy the files from the DVD to the IPOD (acting as a blank HD now) But how do I boot from the IPOD? I have it so that my Tiger install loads up as a choice in NTLDR for windows... so at what point can I press Option (or Start??) on my keyboard to tell it to boot from the ipod? I'm so gutted I can't get leopard to work whatever I do, seeing how well I have Tiger running (I'm writing this on it). :'(
  5. I am trying to get Leopard installed everywhich way I can... Now I'm trying to restore the Leopard image to my 10gb Ipod... when I start restoring it stops and disk utility says "No such file or directory". Anybody gotten it restored onto an Ipod and can help? I'm getting desperate!! Update: After formatting IPOD in DiskUtility and trying restore, it says Can't copy blah blah, resource busy :@
  6. I am trying to get Leopard installed everywhich way I can... Now I'm trying to restore the Leopard image to my 10gb Ipod... when I start restoring it stops and disk utility says "No such file or directory". Anybody gotten it restored onto an Ipod and can help? I'm getting desperate
  7. Leopard Kalyway - Installing from image?

    Yeah I've tried "restoring" the Kalyway DVD image (the DMG file that you make in DiskUtility from the official ISO) to both the first and second partitions on my external HDD but when it comes on, it just gets to a black DOS-like screen with a flashing cursor/caret in the top left. Nothing else happens
  8. Leopard Kalyway - Installing from image?

    As far as you know its not SATA but it probably is. I don't think anybody has been able to install using an IDE drive... it generates the "apple.boot.whatever" error message. I am going to have to buy a SATA drive later just to get Leopard installed I think :S
  9. i got tiger working on vmware, thats how I installed it - cos i dont have a SATA DVD drive ... Leopard doesnt work with vmware on my pc... same setup... so I'm stuck Withotu a SATA drive I think I'm relying on vmware to work
  10. Leopard Kalyway - Installing from image?

    Am I really the ONLY person trying to install Leopard without a SATA DVD drive?
  11. Leopard Kalyway - Installing from image?

    I've "restored" the ISO Kalyway file to a partition on the blank HDD but when I launch "Install Leopard" it says cant install from this volume, insert disc or something. Argh...
  12. Hi guys... thanks to this great forum I was able to get Tiger installed a while back. Now I need help with Leopard... I am writing this on my Tiger install and I need to know how/if I can install Leopard without the DVD. I have the ISO from Kalyway on my hard disk. I have Vista and Tiger dual booting off my main SATA-HD and i have an external SATA HD which I've formatted and is ready for its new friend Leopard. I dont have an IDE DVD-ROM drive so I cant install Leopard off that... I have searched and searched but couldn't find a topic that describes how to somehow get the installer running from the HD. I can use Tiger to do stuff, Vista to do stuff... please advise on what I can do. I have no HDD issues, DiskUtility can see both and all is looking good - I just don't know where to get started. Thanks once again in advance QUESTION IN BRIEF : CAN/HOW DO YOU INSTALL LEOPARD FROM THE ISO AND NOT A DVD? FROM TIGER IF NEEDED?
  13. Maya 8.5 / 2008

    I simply used Apple's Software Update to upgrade the Kernel from 10.4.8 to 10.4.10. I am using an uphuck install dvd (the latest release, intel only). It worked first time without bother. As for your Maya not starting... I can't help as mine starts normally. If your aw.dat file is accepted correctly by the PCW app then its maybe worth just re-installing Maya ?
  14. Maya 8.5 / 2008

    Thanks VERY much for the advice/links I now have Maya 2008 working on my Hackintosh (10.4.10 from 10.4.8) For those reading this thread, here is a simple rundown of what to do 1. Download THIS FILE 2. Extract the kext file 3. Move it to /System/Library/Extensions and Authenticate the move/replace with your password 4. Open a terminal (Finder>go>utilities>terminal) 5. Type (without "" marks) "sudo su", press enter 6. When prompted, type your user password, press enter 7. Type "cd /System/Library/Extensions", press enter 8. Type "chown root:wheel IONetworkingFamily.kext", press enter 9. Type "chmod 755 IONetworkingFamily.kext", press enter 10. Type "rm /System/Library/Extensions.*", press enter 11. IMPORTANT: Go to Finder>Utilities and open DISK UTILITY. 12. Click on your MAC partition and click Repair Permissions 13. Reboot, licence maya as per instruction (ie, Aw.dat/awkeygen.exe) Enjoy Maya and thanks OSX86MX
  15. Do you think Steve Jobs hacked his iPhone?

    That should be "for all intents and purposed"