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  1. Currently stuck after i select the language. the mouse and keyboard become unresponsive and I get a dark grey screen with an endless grey wheel The USB kext did fix the initial issue I had, thank you so mcuh
  2. Yeah, I had a hard enough time trying to find an mSata in Montreal let alone another PC that has an mSata port. I will just purchase an mSata to Sata adapter online worst case ontario. I'll take a look at some USB solutions. I really appreciate the help. I'm feeling like a n00b right now haha.
  3. Yeah, I think it should run pretty smooth after I can get into the installer. It just hangs on the grey screen with the spinning wheel. In -v it says "still waiting for root device"
  4. Thanks so much, yeah I was thinking the usb 3.0 would be the issue...but part of me figured that would only be for speed purposes. (it'd automatically act as 2.0) I'll check it out. Yeah F3 is the stock bios that comes on all of them it seems. The bios updates might actually make a difference, I'll try both. Also I'm an idiot and forgot to mention I'm running Windows 8.1 (wishing to dual boot)
  5. I've been around the block a couple times with my dell 1720 and snow leopard (a nightmare for the intel 965) but now I recently bought a new Gigabyte Brix XM-11. I have an i5 3337U (ivy) and I have an mSata SSD (Plextor 128gb) but the bios is not detecting the thumb drive (inside the bios) but if i select DEL to get the boot options on initial start up I can then see the drive and select it. When I boot it with -v I noticed that it says "still waiting for root device". The bios is only version F3 (an update up to F6 is available) I read online through several other forums with solutions but nothing worked with me. I created the 10.9 USB with Myhack. I have read other forums as well that state success with Mountain Lion (using F3 bios, so I kinda thought that's less likely the issue)...but YA KNOW, I'd kinda rather be updated with my new system. If its just not available to me at this moment then I'll play the waiting game.