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  1. Can anyone who has successfully got a UX31A fully working, or at least close to full please post the kext's you are using and your DSDT? Also which bootloader you are using (and plist files). I have been trying to get it working; and my attempts are listed below. Hello, I've been trying to get ML running for the past 4 days, but after countless of fresh re-installs and trying different DSDT and kexts from this thread, I still can't get a fully working system The model I have is the UX31A (Touch). To my knowledge there is no difference from the normal UX31A and the touch (aside from the touch screen). I have tried unib3ast, myHack, and clover to try and install 10.8 onto my laptop. The only way I was able to boot into OSX without any KP or hangs was to use the following method: Create install USB stick with myHack, and boot with said created USB. Run installer using -f and install OSX. After install, boot OSX using -f, install Clover, then open myHack application, install Chameleon (this step might have been needed?), and install "Extras" (Generic from myHack). Drop DSDT12.aml (renamed to DSDT.aml) into \EFI\CLOVER\ACPI\patched Go into bios and point to \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64,efi. After doing so, I was able to boot into OSX without having to use any special boot commands. If I did not install Chameleon and install "Extras", and only installed Clover, dropped dsdt, and pointed BIOS to bootx64.efi, Clover would begin to boot but then KP and restart on it's own. After all of this, I would drop the kext's from from OP's original post into S/L/E, and rebuild cache. Upon doing so, there are still many things that do not work (sound, F-keys (except for F7), brightness) I have also installed the Elan kext's from osxlatitude (i installed the v4, and v2 when that didnt work), but I could not get multi touch to work. EDIT: Also, are there many things broken if I update to 10.9? Or will the kexts and DSDT's that work with 10.8 be fine?