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  1. Hi guys, Is there anyone get their XPS L502x's SD card working properly on Mavericks? I use this kext ftp://driver.jmicron.com.tw/CardReader/MAC_OS_X/SD/ but still not working properly. it ONLY works IF you plug your SD card first before booting into mac osx. Is there any solution to that? or any work around that I can try? or maybe different kext that I can try? Thanks
  2. Here's your starting point: http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1003 Yeah, Im just too lazy to create my SMBios when I made that post after got my speedstep working so, you saw the default without SMBios in extra folder. Btw, whats the different from SMBios generated by cameleon wizard and SMBios from DOIX installer? Doix said that he tweak his SMBios in his installer to make it work the miniDP. any sugesstion which to choose? Thanks!
  3. Just a beginner question Finally I manage to patch my AICPM.kext and create SSDT spesific to my processor and running okay with Mavericks 10.9 GM (without modding my bios). Do you think that my speed step is working correctly? I noticed that my freq and multiplier changed (higher) when I open heavy stuff(s). I know this is one of indication that seems my speedstep working correctly, but just want to make sure that I get correct result as expected Another thing that bit puzzling me around, my graphic is HD3000 and I've got NVRAM = 384 MB and I saw in another post someone got 512 MB, whats wrong with mine? do I need to patch something again? However I've got QE/CI enabled. Any suggestion? My spec for reference: Dell XPS L502x (ACPI x64-based PC) Intel Cougar Point HM67, Intel Sandy Bridge Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-2760QM, 3200 MHz (32 x 100) Intel HD Graphics 3000 NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (2 GB) 4GB RAM Thanks a lot guys!
  4. @webcivilian: did you get it working properly on your XPS? the one that i would like to try is it one http://forum.notebookreview.com/dell-xps-studio-xps/635536-l502x-modded-bioses-download-gpu-voltages-more.html
  5. I dont have any problem my HD3000 on 10.9 GM. and Im using the original stock. The one Im still stuck is getting speedstep running on 10.9, but seem until know doing mod bios is only the solution. dont know if anyone already get it working without bios mod.
  6. @DawTaylor Did you get it working the speed step as well? If so then maybe I will consider to mod my bios. Btw, did you experienced any faulty on your laptop after you mod it? or it's even better than the standard dell's stock?
  7. @DawTaylor Yeah my idea is just to give a try, and yes its not working, atleast on my laptop. Right know still do some research and googling here and there, just to find out the correct way to enable my speed step and fix the sleep problem in 10.9 GM. Guys, if there's any other clue/ method that worth to try please let me know. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Been following this great thread since ML, but this weekend I tried to move to install Mavericks 10.9 GM release. Installing with MBR scheme and dual booting with my W7 using latest Chameleon release. Everything went smoothly. And I use latest DoiX intaller pkg to do the post install. and everything works perfectly, except our famous GT 540M graphic card and wireless. But I just disable it and had no problem with it. But next step is I want to enable speed step features and also I have sleep problem. I tried DoiX installer package (hacked 10.8 AICPUM kext i believe) on 10.9 GM and use the pkg DSDT L502x I've got famous KP: speed step ERROR blabla... so right now I only use NULLCPUM kext and stay with it at the moment. Is there anyone succed with speed step feature and sleep properly on 10.9 GM? Any clue or help really appreciated. Thanks a lot guys! Btw, this my laptop specs: Dell XPS L502x (ACPI x64-based PC) Intel Cougar Point HM67, Intel Sandy Bridge Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-2760QM, 3200 MHz (32 x 100) Intel HD Graphics 3000 NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (2 GB) 4GB RAM