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  1. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Sorry. Havent been on here in a while. To answer your question - no I never did solve the problem. I kinda gave up in the end. I just dont use my iLok plugs on the OS X partition. Funny thing is, they work fine on the XP partition with ProTools. Very weird. Are you having a similar problem?
  2. Installing ReCycle For Reason

    The Recycle installer is actually tiny - as is the app itself. You do need an image of the original Recycle disc though, as once installed and serial number has been entered, it asks you to install the original retail disc for verification. This is common practice with all Propellerheads installs.
  3. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Runs fine except for the MAJOR problem I have with my iLok not playing nice. Basically, it's not reading the authrizations correctly and asks me to constantly authorize purchased plugins whenever I boot or instantiate said plugin in PT, even though thats what the iLok is for - a glorified authorizer. But I don't think this issue relates to Pro Tools.... more so something to do with the OS maybe.
  4. iATKOS Close To Release

    That's cool. I have Uphuck release running extremely well on my Hack. Was just curious and though it could be handy. Cheers.
  5. iATKOS Close To Release

    COuld this patcher also be used to patch a Retail version of a Tiger disc? Or is it 10.5 only? I still have a LOT of use for 10.4 atm.
  6. iLok problem

    OK I think Im having the same problems on virtually the exact same machine as the OP. Intel Bad Axe 2 Intel Q6600 GeForce 7300 GS 4 x Corsair 1GB DDR2 800 2 x WD 320GB HD Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.2 My iLok is not playing nice it seems wih Pro Tools. I have 4 seperate iLok authorized plug-in bundles. Musician Prod Toolkit, D-Fi, SoundToys FilterFreak/Tremolator & Waves Musician's 2 Bundle. What's happeing is that once the plug-ins are installed and I boot into Pro Tools, it keeps asking me to authorize the plugs during boot up. This is not supposed to happen. It also asks me to authorize them whenever I open a plug-in in one of my sessions. This happens EVERY time I launch/use Pro Tools. The worst thing is, it goes thru all this junk with the Waves plugs aswell, but they dont even show up in my sessions. So they cant even be used!! So this is all after a fresh install and nothing else installed on the system. Just Pro Tools and these plugs. Installed newest iLok extensions etc etc. BTW, if I take the iLok onto my MacBook, it works fine with the exact same plugins installed. Thats running 10.4.9 too. Also, I installed Musician Prod Toolkit on the Windows XP partition on this new machine, and no issue there either. So something is happening with this Hackintosh software wise. One other thing, I cant synchronise my iLok to my iLok account online via my MacBook. This led me to believe that the iLok may be damaged, but then again, its not old, has never been dropped and it works fine on the MacBook and PC. So im doubtful thats it.... but thought I would mention anyway. So..... after all that, anyon got any ideas? This machine was built SPECIFICALLY for audio and Pro Tools. So as you can imagine, I need to resolve this issue. Many thanx in advance.