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  1. GA-P35-DS4 wakeup problem (solved)

    Is this mean You are using AppleHDA for Maverick under Yosemite? Anyway - may You pls upload here Your's working AppleHDA for reference? It looks like issue was simple to resolve (and I overlook this :-( ) In power properties I had disabled auto-restart OS after failure. Enabling it solve issue - sleep/resume works. Now only audio left to resolve.... I'm wonder what is best method for ALC889a these days. Ideally will be to have solution which is independent on OS updates.... Can somebody advice here? br
  2. GA-P35-DS4 wakeup problem (solved)

    Sure. Updated file uploaded.
  3. Hi * I'm trying to solve wakeup problem on GA-P35-DS4 BIOS F14, Clover r2967. This HW with attached to this mail DSDT/CLOVER's config.lit was 100% working under latest Maverick. On Yosemitte all HW seems to work except: -audio -wakeup from sleep (asking for wakeup turns power-on and after 0.5-1 sec I hear characteristic speaker very short beep - the same when user press RESET button) I'm attaching my DSDT, Clover's config.plist and ioregistry dump from booted Yosemite. Can anybody hint me how to progress with wakeup issue as I'm out of ideas... thx in advance! EDIT: ioregistry dump updated with IORegistryExplorer-SLRID_v10.6.3.zip DSDT.aml.zip config.plist.zip ioregistry.zip
  4. Slow SSD under 10.9.3...but why?

    AHCI controles PCI ID are present in AppleAHCIport.kext. PCI ID is 8086:2681. It is identified as ESB2 AHCI. SSD disk is on port0. BIOS has AHCI as without it booting OSX is rather difficult... As it has NCQ working - I believe AHCI chipset must be fully recognised & supported. Also TRIM is marked as supported I'm on 10.9.3 with Clover 2618. I remember sometime ago (I think 10.8.x times) I had SSD working OK (I mean fast as it should be) Maybe I should start to replace AHCI components to older ones and see where is regression? Which component is best to start?
  5. Slow SSD under 10.9.3...but why?

    Thx for replay. Unfortunately I managed to heave trim=on for both disks (via clover). Also - even if trim is off - why brand new Intel320 also have so low speed?
  6. Hi * I just become curious why my hackintosh become slow regarding disk access. I have Samsung SSD 840 and I remember when I installed it some time ago - I was shocked about speed-up. Now 10.9 has subjective speed on this SSD the same like on booted on my 1T WD black. Running BlackMagic Speed test shows 78/85 MB/s speed on Samsung SSD. To compare my MacBookAir has 190/620 MB/s. Recently I also tested fresh, new Intel320 SSD on my hackintosh - and speed is still 70-80 MB/s for r/w - so issue seems to be within OS. Where problem might be ? My spec: GA-P35-DS4 Q6600@3.2 8G RAM OSX 10.9.3 clover 2618 br
  7. @helob, Pls find attached my clover config.plist I'm also attaching my AppleHDA.kext Good luck config.plist.zip AppleHDA.kext.zip
  8. Heh - it looks like sleep works. It only needs 15-30sec to get sleep - and this long delay was missleading me, initially dirtecting to conclussion it is not working. Topic can be deleted.
  9. Hi *. I'm looking for help/assistance regarding solving sleep problem with 10.9 and Clover r2236. I have fully working 10.9 on GA-P35-DS4/Q6600/Nv9400GS (QE/CI, audio, Net, PM, etc). Only thing which is not working is sleep. Asking for sleep causes screen goes black and system is still running. Resuming gives immediately working system. On this machine I have also dual-booted 10.8.5 which has sleep/resume fully working. Clover config is exactly the same between 10.8.5 and 10.9. br
  10. Guys, I finally manage to install 10.9 on my P35-DS4/Nv9400GS 512M, Clover r2236 (Pandora method) and I have exactly the same problem with choppy animations, non-transparent menubar, .... Unfortunately file edit com.apple.windowserver.plist is empty (0bytes). ​May somebody put here correct content of this file? ​This in advance!
  11. Hi, I'm on P35-DS4 with Q6600 and Nvidia 9400GS 512M. Above HW works perfectly with ML 10.8.5 + Clover 2236. I tried 2 install methods: -by creating USB key + mounting ESDBaseSystem.dmg and copying files etc. -by launching 'Install OSX Mavericks' from running ML; reboot; boot OSX Install from Clover menu. Both methods are failing with famous hang: [IOBluetoothHCIController][SearchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! When I leave system to 5-10min - I'm getting grey screen with Apple logo and system stays forever with this. I already tried all suggestions from this third. No go :=( Is there solution for this problem?
  12. RealtekR1000 v3

    Slice, I don't know what things are improved in 3.0.2 but I decided give you just small update after going to 3.0.2: -idle sleep is still not working -WOL still gives "wake reason: ?" and turns-off PC after 15sec -the same like previous version driver auto detects my GE network like 100Mb/s. Manual selection to 1GE works OK.
  13. RealtekR1000 v3

    Slice, I start to love this driver as it is first RTL driver which offers me working WOL on my GA-P35-DS4 under ML 10.8.2! I just started to play with it and currently I see there is problem with idle sleep. With LNX2MAC driver sleep works perfectly - so it looks my system is OK. Also - when system is woken via WOL, wakeup reason is undefined: Mar 10 21:28:27 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: disable Mar 10 21:28:27 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: setActivationLevel(0) Mar 10 21:28:27 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: setPowerState(0) Mar 10 21:28:27 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: R1000Suspend Mar 10 21:28:27 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: Wake reason: ? Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: Previous Sleep Cause: 5 Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: setPowerState(1) Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: R1000Resume Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: R1000ResetTask Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: enable Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: setActivationLevel(2) Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: Selected medium index 5 Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: selectMedium, index=5 Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop kernel[0]: en0: R1000SetMedium(0x3, 0x2, 0x2) Mar 10 21:28:56 Piotr-Desktop.local configd[19]: network changed: v4(en0-: DNS- Proxy- SMB Maybe this explains why WOL wake system with monitor off for 15-20sec and next system returns to sleep. Setting ttyspreventsleep not helps, but using caffeination -s allows to keep system ON. Anyway - million thx for excellent work!
  14. Hi, Maybe somebody can hint me where issue is: I have GA-P35-DS4 with OC Q6600 (3,6G@1,375V). BIOS is F14, bootloader is Clover r1050, OS is ML 10.8.2. Basically OC HW/OS seems to be 100% functional - also SpeedSteep seems to be working - but only for freq. Vcore is costant (1,375V) What I want to achieve is FULL SpeedSteep (Freq & Vcore) on OC HW (Q6600@3,6G, FSB=400, Vcore=1.375). Currently I'm able to get FULL SpeedSteep if HW is NOT OC (Q6600@2,4G, FSB=266, Vcore="Normal"). I already added _PSS & LPC sections to DSDT. My _PSS have declared 4 P-states for 1600, 2000, 2800, 3600 frequencies. I disabled P-state/C-state generation in Clover. With those modifications launching IORegExpl shows LPC in device tree, AICPMVers is present, I see my 4 P-states in PerformaneStateArray, but I'm geting CPUPLimit=0x03. Basing on other forum threads - CPUPLimit=0x03 means native PM isn't working. With above config: 1. I see that load causes CPU freq changing. HWmonitor reports 2,4-3,6G - but never to 1,6G. 2,4G isn't defined in my _PSS - so something wrong is here.... 2. Vcore is constant despite Vid entries in _PSS. 3. P-States/C-States in SMC monitor are reported correctly (1600, 2000, 2800, 3600) - but for some reason system behaves like ignoring my _PSS entries in DSDT and is using it's own (lower freaq is always 2,4G and Vcore is always constant). What I investigate: -I can get dynamic Vcore ONLY if BIOS has Vcore option set to "Normal". Any change Vcore option from "normal" causes SpeedSteep Vcore becomes constant. -above PM SpeedSteep issue is the same in Chameleon r2016 & clover r1050. -all this pretends like my system is using ACPI/BIOS PM, while OSX PM runs in parallel but without any effect on HW. May somebody hint me where issue might be? Thx in advance
  15. Sorry for late replay. I was in business trip. Unfortunately enabling LAN resume after sleep requires many changes in my case: - disabling build-in driver and installing different LAN driver (nForce.kext) - changing mobo BIOS to patched one (F3X) - changed BIOS requires modified DSDT, adding IntelNullPowerManagement.kext & SleepEnabler.kext. Fortunately SpeedSteep is working OK - so despite above not-short list of changes - this mobo can be FULLY functional under 10.8.2 - except Audio after resume :-( Does anybody investigated Audio problem ?