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  1. Thank you guys! I finally could find the shared folders of my computer through the VM with your help and with that install OS X apps within it! And major thanks for the resolution driver fix! it was so annoying having to scroll with the VM to see the entirety of the screen. But the network issue still persists, ive set it to bridged and it didnt have any internet access, not even when i ticked the box that says "Replicate physical network connection state" should i configure anything inside OS X to get to connect to VMWare's bridged network? ive attached a screenshot of what the Network Utility app of OS X says. It shows that its recieved and sent data but i can never get Safari or any other app in it so far to connect to the internet, what do i have to change in the settings to get it to connect? :/ With Windows hosts it doesnt need any configuring And sorry for replying so late, i was never notified in my email of a response to this thread >.<
  2. This is PERFECT!!!! i never thought id see the day id get to use OS X in a VM :'D im sucessfully using Lion 10.7 in VMWare 10 and it installed fine Thank you so much MSoK!!! this tutorial is amazing and the tools by the community cannot be praised enough <3 there are just 4 problems im having with it though, i was hoping perhaps you could help? :/ its the first time ive used a non Windows or Linux sysem in VMWare so these arent common problems for me 1) it cant use shared folders from host even thought ive already set it in the VM's configuration, i dont see a shared folder anywhere in finder or on the desktop 2) it cant connect to the internet at all even though VMWare is set to use NAT, am i doing something wrong here? do i need to install a special driver within OS X to use VMWare's emulated network card or something? 3) resizing the VM's window doesnt always make the guest resize itself to the size of the window, with Windows or Linux guests it always works. 4) moving an app's window within the VM makes it stutter a bit when you move it around >.< is there a way to fix this? if its any help my specs are: Windows 7 x64 (the host that is) Intel Core i7 2630QM @ 2.00GHz (with turboboost its 2.9GHz) 8.00 GB RAM Radeon HD 6770M ive enebled hardware acceleration and made the VM to use 2GB of RAM, and i gave it one processor with 3 cores in the CPU config of VMWare, any help would be much appreciated!