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    XSERVE RAID MOD the Ultimate NAS

    I have 4 XRaids. This tickles my fancy! I'm happy to PayPal for 4 kits so do please keep us up to date.
  2. Well, I give up... I think the Thunderbolt chipset is dead on my mobo. The only ROM that I can boot to desktop is Z77MXQUOAOS.H2O.167X-MASS.SIERRA.MacMini.ROM All others (even after following Tosk's flashing method back at post #3034) give me a circle-with-diagonal or stall at some point after bringing ethernet up, so this doesn't help... I even flashed back to the last official ROM being F3A and booted off Ubuntu 16.10 runtime DVD. Using modprobe, lshw & lspci – no sign of Thunderbolt at all... I also connected my Win10 SSD that I've been using with this mobo for the last 3 years and booted from that – no sign of Thunderbolt in device manager either... I know I haven't applied that Thunderbolt firmware update because it still appears in the AppStore Updates when I do successfully boot up using the MacMini ROM. Oh well... I bought this mobo to initially game with and then retire it to being the server motherboard (something I've done for 20 years now) All I want is a mobo with Thunderbolt and PCIe ports (something Apple can't provide atm) so I can hook up my SAS array and share with 10GB ethernet using Thunderbolt fibre cables. Have just purchased a Gigabyte X99 UD4 and so will have a play with clover and see how far I get. Thanks again for everyone's suggestions – such a shame my mobo's TB has failed as it would've been a great/fast ZFS NAS box. Cheers all.
  3. Turns out there were two folders in the EFI partition: Apple and Oz. Apple folder had a firmware.scap file present. Oz folder just had empty folders. I deleted them both, moved SSD back into quo mobo and still get circle-with-diagonal. I then refreshed the BIOS again using the BIOS that IronMan provided. Still no go though. Have flashed back to Z77MXQUOAOS.H2O.167X-MASS.SIERRA.MacMini.ROM and booted into Recovery Partition and can confirm that SIP is disabled. I really don't know what to do now as I can't think of anything else that's causing this...
  4. Hi IronMan, Booting into Recovery Boot is the same outcome, (circle with diagonal line) Using the same macOS (10.12.4) installed SSD, I'm successfully able to boot to the desktop using the MacMini ROM, so am scratching head here now... SIP is disabled already, I did that right at the start, but I'll double check. (I'm assuming it stays disabled no matter what ROM I apply?) This is most strange that you guys are able to boot... I'll check/clean out the EFI partition if I see anything there and see what happens... Thanks for all the input too guys, really really handy to have a community like willing to help!
  5. Hi IronManJFF, Thanks for providing the ROM, unfortunately I get the same result as the "ancient ROM" (circle with diagonal line through it)... After flashing, I set the Firmware to Optimised Defaults, and then bumped the RAM back up to 1600MHz. I've read through this forum and am I correct that some of these BIOS files initially write to the EFI partition upon first boot? If this is the case, do I also need to mount this EFI partition on another machine and clean out the partition before attempting to boot up?
  6. Well, I just tried the Z77MXQUOAOS.H3C.1479.ROM from the wiki with sierra and got the circle with a line through it at boot... Don't suppose someone can PM me with a ROM that works for them in Sierra and that has TB active? I only ever ran this mobo with F2N for Windows booting for that last few years and so am playing catchup with the knowledge/experience of this mobo.
  7. Hi, Anyone got Thunderbolt working on the Quo? In System Information, mine says: "Thunderbolt: No Hardware Found." My MacPro2008 say "Thunderbolt: No Drivers are Loaded" which is fair enough considering it's 2008. I'm using Z77MXQUOAOS.H2O.167X-MASS.SIERRA.MacMini.ROM with 10.11.5 and upgraded to 10.2.4 no probs. Can someone please provided their TB firmware settings and anything else that's needed to enable TB, as I'd really like to use TCP/IP over TB with this mobo. ta. QuoPro i7-3770K @ 3.5GHz 16GB Corsair @ 1600MHz HD4000 GPU only Samsung Evo 840 120GB Sierra 10.12.4 Z77MXQUOAOS.H2O.167X-MASS.SIERRA.MacMini.ROM
  8. It's not possible to "tie together" two HDMI streams on OSX 10.9.4 to form one big screen. Nor is this my intention. All I'm wanting to do is use two GPUs, each with a HDMI and plug them into the Samsung. The Samsung is configured to use its Picture By Picture feature and so OSX will think it's driving two displays – each of 1920 x 2160 resolution. I intend to then, force-enable HiDPI mode on both the displays to remedy smallness of text/icons. I'm still yet to determine if this is possible at 60Hz, but it is possible at 30Hz as I've already achieved this. It appears that I need to use two identical GPUs so that the nVidia drivers initialise both cards. I cannot confirm this just yet as I'm still sourcing another identical GPU, or use a GPU that has either: two mDP ports (with Active HDMI adapters), or two HDMI ports. Given that users with 1,1 and 2,1 MacPro have to upgrade their GPUs if they want to run Mavericks with Tiamo patcher, I'm trying to see if it's possible to factor in 4K as well.
  9. yeh


    Is it possible to re-enable nVidia SLI with the Ozmosis Firmware in a future build? I can confirm this with Win7 and Win8.1 that nVidia drivers (all recent versions up to 337.88) do not recognise/provide SLI option in the nVidia Control Panel. I've tested with: 2 x GTX 280s 2 x GTX 480s 2 x GTX Titans and have used multiple SLI cables. Only F2N and F3A (original Firmware) permit SLI... Is this something that can be investigated? as this board is also a rock'n gaming board! Cheers,
  10. Hi all, So my 2006 1,1 MacPro is now rock'n! thanx to the Boot32.efi patch, it's running 10.9.4 very nicely... With: 32GB RAM upgraded Woodcrest CPUs to dual Quads @ 2.26GHz 2 x 10K Raptors (stripe boot) (using the 2 spare SATA ports) 4 x 2TB Seagate SATAs in the 4 stand bays GTX420M (VGA, DVI & HDMI) Silicon Image 2 port eSATA BlackMagic Decklink Extreme 3D It's a very capable FCX rig for any non-professional (a.k.a I don't earn money from this rig anymore) I just bought a Samsung U28D590D whick is a 4K monitor and has 2 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort. The DisplayPort is plugged into my QuoComputer gaming rig that's using two Titans to drive the 4K monitor. So, I'm wondering how I can use the remaining two HDMI ports on the monitor for the MacPro. I see two possible ways: Buy a new GPU that has dual HDMI or 1 x HDMI and 1 x mDP and use an active mDP --> HDMI adapter. The Samsung U28D590D supports PictureByPicture (PBP), which is 1920px x 2160px resolution, and so I'm wondering if I can find a PC card that can do this. or Buy a PC GPU that has DP 1.2 capable of running 3840px x 2160px @ 60Hz with Mac OS X 10.9.4 I'm not really keen on buying a geniune Mac card to achive this due to the high prices (plus they "claim" 2006 MacPros aren't supported) Has anyone else got 4K running on their older MacPros? if so, please do share...
  11. FYI/Reference for Quo Mobo and SLI: I can confirm that the Ozmosis EFIs break nVidia SLI and you will not get the SLI option within the nVidia Control Panel. This applies to Win7 and Win8.1 running GeForce 337.88 WHQL and 334.21 WHQL So I think it's fair to say that SLI is not possible at all with Ozmosis at present. (well, not possible with versions 894 and 828 with the above setup for the exactifides amongst us) The only way I got SLI recognised was by flashing back to F2N, Not that I've received any feedback from Quo to suggest this... (has been months since I first emailed them). Anyway, it appears that I'm the only one running SLI on this mobo on Windows at present, cos I'm only hearing crickets about this... I have to say that running two Titans on this board gives me a minimum of 118FPS on BF4 (Ultra setting) with a BenQ 120Hz 1920 x 1080. That's right! a minimum of 118FPS and it pretty much locked at my set limit of 120FPS. Something that my X58 mobo couldn't achive with these Titans. Am very happy now.
  12. So no one here has tried SLI with the Quo mobo? Cos I can't get it to work. Have tried Win7 (previously posted in this thread) And have just tried Win8 as well... Both Titans are recognised, but there's no SLI option in the SLI control panel... (only physix options) grr Win8.1 is no different either... No SLI... boo! Anyone got this to work?
  13. Can anyone confirm to have got SLI running with Windows? I've completely disconnected my OSX 60GB SSD drive. Installed GTX280 into PCIe slot 1 and connected up monitor via DVI. installed Win7u 64bit via SATA CDROM onto another/clean 60 GB SSD drive. Win7u fully updated/patched Installed 331.82 drivers and rebooted. Quo boots up fine and I get to Windows7 desktop perfectly fine... I shut down, install 2nd GTX280, install SLI ribbon cable. reboot, and no SLI option appears in nVidia control panel... (only physix option) The 2nd card is fully recognised, and even hot swapping the DVI cable between the two GTX cards works... Normally, I'd see that little message in the task bar stating that SLI is possible/capable on this PC etc etc I've even replaced the SLI ribbon cable thinking it was dodgy... which didn't make any difference... I also tried 331.93 beta drivers (i.e. I uninstalled and reinstalled newer drivers) which hasn't helped either. I've got two Titans to go in (currently in my X58 mobo) and also have three GTX480s hiding somewhere so I'll test with these GPUs on the weekend, but was curious if anyone else has SLI happening already? Cheers,
  14. Anyone able to use iMessage? I'm getting all the emails to my other devices that I'm adding a new device to my account, and the messages app itself shows the list of phone numbers/emails to use, but stalls at that point and throws up an error. I'm at work now so I'll provide more info if need be afterwards... Also, where does the hardware SN come from? I'm running the H3A.816M.ROM and 10.9.
  15. My Quo rocked up this week... 1. Downloaded the Z77MXQUOAS.H3A.816M.ROM file and confirmed it's MD5 2. I copied it to an ancient 512MB FAT32 USB stick I have here that I use for all my flashes and checksummed it again. 2. with no drives attached, I boot up and held down the "End" key 3. Flash utility appeared, so I saved the original ROM to the stick. (it was F2N) 4. I wrote the Z77MXQUOAS.H3A.816M.ROM file to the board and let it restart twice. 5. I then powered down and connected up my other USB stick that has ML installer on it. 6. Before I could even register what was going on, the Apple logo appeared then popped up the ML installer! nice... 7. I consequently rebooted again with a 60GB SSD attached and installed ML... 8. That worked well, all is good except for messages.app and audio. TB works but is not live/hot swappable... peripherals must be plugged in at boot time... I haven't even sussed the forums if there's a fix yet... But I'm still pretty happy... 9. I downloaded 10.9 and applied installed that. All good! 10. For testing, I even prepared a 10.9 disk on my MBAir via Thunderbolt (GoFlex) and plugged that into the Quo via SATA. It boots and is what I'm using to type this message. I'm happy... I got legacy FW for my older ZFS storage, I got heaps of SATA ports for current ZFS storage and I got TB for future ZFS storage... One happy camper here...