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  1. Hi, I have a fully working ML install on my ProBook 5330m, dual-booting with Windows 8.1. Is there a way to upgrade my existing ML install to Mavericks using this guide? Any steps I should omit or add? I'm slightly concerned at the piece where the Mavs installer creates a Recovery partition, as my HDD is partitioned exactly as I would like it! My GPT disk looks a little something like this: 1. 128MB reserved 2. 200MB EFI 3. 70GB Win8.1 OS 4. 350MB MS Reserved 5. 100GB Win8.1 Data 6. 60GB OSX I've got Clover installed on the EFI and it's working perfectly well, so I can follow the guide as far as creating the Mavs install USB but I get a little fuzzy around step 6 to 9. At step 6 - it says to use Disk Util to partition the drive. I'm assuming as I already have the required HFS+ partition, I don't need to do this? When I "Install Mavs" where do I install it to? The existing ML partition or the USB drive with the extracted installer files on? I'm guessing you mean Install Mavs on to the target partition but Phase 1 doesn't acually do this, but instead just starts extracting files READY to do this in Phase 2? Is that right? So then in phase 2 is there any way to prevent the creation of the Recovery partition? Does it use part of the existing HFS+ partition? (That would be OK) but I don't want it thinking it has exclusive access to the disk and wiping out any of my Windows partitions! Sorry for all the questions and thank for a great guide!
  2. wheeliemonster

    Lost access to OSX partition from Clover

    Hi guys, Thanks for your help but I now have it working. Not sure what the problem was but after I managed to boot via USB, it now detects it from my EFI-installed Clover, so I'm up and running again! For reference, yes I have UEFI m/b (HP ProBook) so I'm dual-booting using Clover. Thanks again.
  3. wheeliemonster

    Lost access to OSX partition from Clover

    OK, so its definitely something hosed on Clover on my EFI partition. I created a bootable Clover USB stick and it can see my OSX partition and boot it. Just need to reinstall Clover on EFI I guess and we should be away....!
  4. wheeliemonster

    Lost access to OSX partition from Clover

    No I can't boot to OSX! That is the problem! It seems like Clover cannot find that file but when I boot to WINDOWS and mount the OSX partition, I can see the boot.efi file...
  5. wheeliemonster

    Lost access to OSX partition from Clover

    Thank you. I have Clover installed and working. Looking at the preboot.log file from Clover, it would seem that it can see the partition, but is struggling to find the /System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi file on that partition: 0:246 0:000 Custom entries start 0:246 0:000 Custom entry 0 "\System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi" "" (1) 0x0 matching "921E5A2A-B66B-4FA0-9B31-B5E7859B42D0" ... 0:246 0:000 Checking volume "EFI" (PciRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x1F,0x2)\Sata(0x0,0x0,0x0)\HD(2,GPT,E950EDA2-A310-4CCF-A342-33505293E501,0x42000,0x64000)) ... skipped 0:246 0:000 Checking volume "OS X" (PciRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x1F,0x2)\Sata(0x0,0x0,0x0)\HD(6,GPT,921E5A2A-B66B-4FA0-9B31-B5E7859B42D0,0x154A6000,0x7800000)) ... skipped because path does not exist I've mounted the partition from Windows using HFSExplorer and I can see the file there. Could anyone please check the permissions on that file so I can confirm I have them correct? Mine is set to root:root 644 (-rw-r--r--)
  6. wheeliemonster

    Lost access to OSX partition from Clover

    Thanks for your reply. I haven't touched the Clover drivers. I believe it's using the VBox-HFS driver to access the OSX partition. Those files are existing in the Clover EFI partition...
  7. Hi All, I have (or did have) a perfectly working Hackintosh on an HP ProBook. Up until earlier today, I was able to dual boot between Win8 and OSX (ML) using Clover installed to the EFI partition on my HD. I don't know what has changed, but now when I boot to Clover, I only have the option to boot Win8. For some reason, Clover can't see the OSX partition. The OSX partition is fine, I can see it using HFSExplorer from Windows and I've even done fsck.hfsplus using a Linux rescue liveCD. Can anyone think of a reason why Clover seems unable to see (or boot from) the OSX partition? Thanks for any and all help...
  8. Excuse my ignorance but I can't find a way to filter the list for non-apple kexts? Anyway - I spotted something - during boot it gives the UUID of the device it's trying to boot from and that appears to be the wrong UUID. It looks like it's trying to boot from my TM partition. Is there a way to specify the UUID of the boot volume in the boot loader? I also checked the info.plist in the bootable Mavericks USB S/L/E/AppleAHCIPort.kext and my device ID for the SATA controller is there, so I don't think it's a kext issue to be honest. I do think it's the bootloader detecting the wrong 'root' volume ID to boot from.
  9. Yeah - really struggled with Mavericks. It would not boot no matter what I did with it. I tried kexts everywhere but nothing worked. I tried booting from Chameleon but all I could get was "still waiting for root device" Have managed to restore from my TM backup so am back to ML (but now with a nicely working Broadcom WLAN card!) Will try again for Mavericks soon. Maybe I can backup a few kexts from ML, now that I'm back up and running and see if I can get it to boot. Thanks for your help...
  10. Still same. Tried loads of kexts using Clover kext injection but none make any difference. Still not sure they're loading. MyHack won't boot it either. With -x -f or combinations. Actually stuck now! Might try a reinstall...
  11. I've tried various kexts - LegacyAhciintelichxx, legacyahcijmicron and so on but still no joy. You don't by chance have any kexts you could share that might work? PS. I'm not sure whether the kexts are being used though. I'm having to copy them into the EFI partition using Windows so I don't know if they're "installed" correctly. Can I use any of the kext installers or another method when booting via the OSX installer?
  12. On the plus side, my Broadcom WLAN card arrived today so hopefully will get internal WiFi on OSX working soon! (If I can boot that is...! )
  13. Got it sorted. OSX installer was looking for a 200Mb (exactly 200Mb) EFI partition. My Clover partition was only 100Mb so it didn't like it. I created a new 200Mb EFI partition, copied all the Clover/Windows boot files in and now OSX let's me install. I also made sure that there was 128Mb unallocated space after my OSX partition. Not sure if that was required but better to be safe. Only problem now is that I have Mavs installed but it won't boot - I get the dreaded "still waiting for root device". Grrrrr.
  14. I had the thought about the installer. I'm currently copying the Mav Install.app from my TM backup so I can mount the Base System DMG and check the packages...
  15. Unfortunately, that didn't work. Still the installer says it cannot start up from this disk. I tried deleting the gparted-created partition and creating a new one using DIsk Utility. It deletes the partition OK, but then seems to hang on creating the new partition? Can't restore from TM as it can't erase the target partition. Installer log says missing CoreServices. Could it be my smbios?