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  1. Hello Emilo, I am looking for your clover-files but couldn`t find them... :-( ... The link only brings me back to this guide. Could you help, cause i just bought an x5670 and want to upgrade. thx sorry, find it a up...
  2. ol2003

    Slow Boot on new system

    Hello, think we need some more informations about your installation method... but you can take a look on the powermanagement-kexts and delete/patch them - helped me on a desktop-system ol2003
  3. ol2003

    10.8 USB3.0 works!

    @marcelol you will find them at osx86.net - downloads - chipset --- its the 1.0.8 driver --- this method also works for me after update to 10.8.2
  4. ol2003

    10.8 USB3.0 works!

    Hello, found a solution working for me: modbins patched "PXHCD.kext" working in 10.7.x and the 2 "dp3 usb files" from osx86
  5. Hello together, I want to upgrade my system... but don´t really know what should I do? Thinking about a OCZ Vertex 2 240GB SSD or an i7 970. What do you think about. As you can see in sig I am using atm i7 920@3,6GHz and 2x 1TB WD-1001FALS Would be nice to see your thoughts. cheers
  6. yes of cause you need it. i follow DD´s guide with Leo (Kalaway 10.5.2)...
  7. Hello, to fruitbat04 and others: i´ve a evga gtx285 have had same problem with this blackscreen. Followed aquamac´s guide (see attchment) and everythings works fine... also works for other nvidia cards... grafik_howto.txt ol2003 - you never stay alone -
  8. Hello, something strange happened and i dont understand, hope somebody can help or explain... i have 3 SATA HDD´s (P0, P1, P3) and 1 SATA DVD-Writer (P4). P0 is my "OS-disk". I am using bootitng 1.86 as bootmanager. On P0 there is installed WinXP, Vista and Leopard(iAtkos5i) when booting Leopard bsd-root is disk1s1 (darwin -v) but its installed on disk0... In BIOS first boot is P0 then CD and Floppy; also POST show this and the bootmanager also shows it in right order. Leo shows P0 as disk1, P1 as disk2 and P3 as disk0. Everything works and boots fine but Leo sometimes had problems copying files from Data-disks dont know if this in case of this "disk-changing". Any answers ?
  9. ol2003

    Aldi Medion Akoya Mini E1210 als Hackingtosh

    also meins läuft absolut stabil, einzig die Batterie (3cell) läuft laut Anzeige nur 1,5h... Jedoch ist ne 6cell bestellt ol2003 - die Stillen sind nicht ruhelos -
  10. ol2003

    Aldi Medion Akoya Mini E1210 als Hackingtosh

    @ColadaKing: hatte auch das Problem das ich in ner "Schleife" war. Lag an den Netzwerktreibern ! Nach installieren selbiger (boot von OSX von USB-Platte) konnte ich die Registrierung ohne Probleme zu Ende führen. Gruß ol2003 - die Stillen sind nicht ruhelos - Akoya mini 1210 (Okt.2008) - OSX Retail install von ext. USB-Platte - läuft mit OSX only auf GUID mit Chameleon
  11. Hello together, does anybody know this laptop/subnotebook ? -> MEDION ® AKOYA® SIM2120 (MD96726) 12,1" Design-Notebook found in medion-online-shop.... components sounds good and should be ok for an hackintosh ! Any experts out there could help to deside to buy one ? thx ol2003