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  1. Thanks u both. I have already download the latest version from the above link. the problem still appear. I might do a fresh install tonight without pre-installed ntfs-3g and use the newest. hope that fix it. About FAT-32. Yesterday I use Gparted Live CD to format some of my drives to FAT-32 and it works on both MAC and Winblows. They are 80GB each. But I'm still worry cause it supposedly only support no more than 4GB. Anyone tried using Gparted and have the same experience? regards
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    haha funny thread
  3. you don't have to buy the ram I mentioned above if you can't. It is just an example of a RAM with D9GKX chip. The link http://ramlist.ath.cx/ddr2/ has every details you need. The most common brands are of course Corsair Dominator Series. They are one of the best but its just way too expensive for me. but if you have unlimited budget you should choose them. They are handpicked D9GMH that can outperform D9GKX. my Corsair recommendations. click on them for newegg: 1. PC2-8888C4DF DOMINATOR Rev 1.2 (handpicked D9GMH) 2. PC2-9136C5D DOMINATOR Rev 1.1
  4. I don't think you can locate processor's stepping if you are ordering online, cause I'm pretty sure newegg will randomly select any processor available. But if you can actually do that, you might wanna ask them this batch number: L724A858. One of the best batch I've tried for Q6600. for RAM I recommend CellShock PC2-8000 CS2221440 ( it's GKX, the king, made in German ). or any D9GKX based chips. you should notice the video its a PCI-E right? any brand is OK, as long as they are using reference card. this XFX PVT71KUDF3 GeForce 7900GS 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 seems decent.
  5. those components are OK, and perfect for mac. Just some notes. If you're planning for some overclocking in the future, you might wanna buy a decent RAM. Don't look for the brands, find some infos on the CHIPs instead. right now the best RAM chip for DDR2 are Micron D9GKX and D9GMH. Here is a great site to find the best ram http://ramlist.ath.cx/ddr2/
  6. thank you for ur respond. I have used both macfuse and ntfs-3g included in Mac OS 10.4.9 uphuck 1.3. Problem only appears on some partitions, but its random. All the data are still available under winblows but mac recognizes them as Zero KB. without the permission to read/write. I install this in a band new hard drive. So right now I have nothing to worry, but I'm planning to transfer all my data to this one cause it has bigger capacity. my only option right now is only to format them to FAT-32 (the only thing that works without any problem) which is not a good option since its a large disk and fat doesn't support long file names. Am I being correct? Any other suggestions will be highly appreciated. thanks
  7. almost the same problem here. but mine says Zero KB. please help
  8. my recommendation: Q6600 975X Bad Axe2 2 or 4 Gigs of RAM 500GB HDD x 2 in RAID config Nvidia 7900GS/GT I guess that kind combination is almost perfect for any purpose today. except you really need a super 8 cores PC.
  9. I also have the same mobo, except i'm using X2 3800+ @2,8GHz. Its damn faster in Mac than Windblows. USB has to plugged in after boot. or else it will not detect. I have no lock up problem. But I have 1 big issue. I don't know if its a mobo related or software. I have my other partitions set as NTFS, and I have installed both macfuse and ntfs-3g. but sometimes mac detects some of them as Zero KB (no data) and won't allow me to read or write. though in windows the data is still completely available. anyone have the solution for this? many thanks
  10. is this mobo supports Q6600? I wanna buy Q6600 but with a cheap mobo. thx