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  1. Gigabyte H87-D3H Shutdown/Reset

    According to https://sites.google.com/site/osxguide/kexts, evoreboot works with system installed with nullcpupowermanagement, so I installed both but still hanging after reset and shutdown. The sleep works fine though.
  2. Gigabyte H87-D3H Shutdown/Reset

    thanks for your tip. installed evoreboot and nullcpupowermanagement still not working. any other kexts that i can try with?
  3. Hi, my current setup is as follows: M/B: Gigabyte H87-D3H CPU: Intel i5-4670 Ram: 16GB Vengeance GPU: Asus GT640 I am currently facing problems shutting down and restarting my computer. Whenever shutdown/reset is initiated, OS X exits nicely and my monitor goes to sleep mode, however my desktop is still switched on. It just hangs with my desktop power LED still switched on. Also, when I plug in my external hard drive into the front panel USB (USB 2.0), it detects my hard drive and allows me to do everything. However when I eject and unplugged it, OS X resets and hang at the blank screen. Everything else runs nicely. I do not know if this 2 situations are linked. Please advice. thanks.
  4. Setup: CPU : i5-4670 Motherboard : Gigabyte H87-D3H GPU : HIS RADEON HD5770 ICEQ5 Wifi : DLINK DWA-160 Hi, I have been trying to install Mountain Lion into my PC. I had been able to finish the Mountain Lion installation with the USB drive that I have created with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 2.1.1 and ML 10.8.5 downloaded from the Mac app store. The only problem that I am currently facing now is that I have to constantly boot in safe mode(-x) and with GraphicsEnabler=No. I have tried the following boot flags and situations but to no avail. Test 1: Tried with npci=0x3000 or npci=0x2000 (both times with GraphicsEnabler=No) When this were entered, booting gets stuck at loading "com.apple.applefscompressiontypedataless". Test 2: Tried with GraphicsEnabler=No and not in safe mode When this boot flags were entered, booting gets stuck at "PCI Configuration Begin" Test 3: Tried with GraphicsEnabler=No and safe mode When this boot flags were entered, boots up nicely. However, certain applications, like safari, experiences flickering and stuttering. I guess might be due to the fact that GraphicsEnabler=No. Does anyone knows what I can do, to boot up ML without me interrupting it and if the flickering and stuttering can go away. Thank you