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  1. Hi, versuche gerade Leopard mit dem Leo4allv3 Image zu installieren. Direkt ging es bei Tiger damals auch nicht, daher wollte ich es wie ich es kannte in Vmware installieren. Doch jetzt kommt da auch auf einmal "still waiting for root device" bzw. andere fehler. Hab mal bei Google gesucht und hab nen Tipp gefunden dass ich verschiedene Programme zum laden der iso nehmen soll, aber auch mit daemon tools und alcohol geht es nicht. Hat jemand nen Tipp? Mit Vmware sollte es ja klappen mit der Installation. Es ist ein Notebook mit Sis Chipsatz und Celeron M
  2. Hi i want to buy a new pc and it should work with OSX86... So i wanna buy a AMD 5000+ or a 6000+ i think the processor will work. The mainboard will be the Asrock ALiveNF6G-VSTA... I read that there a problems with the mainboard because of the SATA, but would it work if I just buy IDE HDDs? If not please tell me a working AM2 motherboard... I think 4 GB of ram will be enough and the graphics card will be a Geforce 8800 GT Please help me.. Skoka
  3. the boot cd did not work.. it shows a mouse error... also with an external usb mouse..
  4. Vista+VMWare+Jas 10.4.8 problem

    you wrote to Jas that the 10.4.6 and 10.4.7 Iso worked without problems... so should i try to install on of these and then make a update to 10.4.10?
  5. Vista+VMWare+Jas 10.4.8 problem

    the same happens when i try to install it... but I use XP.. No one answered to my post
  6. Hi, im trying now for a few days to install osx. When try to install it in vmware on my acer aspire 3634 it loads everything, but after i choose the installation language in wants a restart because of some error... I already heard about some ram error which causes this restart error... And I also tried a few settings in Vmware, but nothing helps... Now I burned the Image to a DVD to boot it directly at start, but it always makes a "still waiting for root device error"... I read that i should set the hdd to primary master in the bios, but there are no options like this in the acer bios.. It would be nice if someone could help me... Maybe someone knows how to do it
  7. Hi, i want to try if OSX86 works on my notebook, but when the Mac Installer starts it has an error and it wants a restart. Im using an Acer 3634WLMI CPU: Intel Celeron M 380 Chipset: Intel 915 GM SiS M661MX graficchip I´ve already tried some of the log in google and in the forums search, but i could not find any help. Here is the a screenshot of the log
  8. thanks for your answer.. if it only is the audio and the network, which is not working directly at this mainboard i think i will handle it... do you think the Cpu is fast enough for my tasks? or should i better buy a pentium d of this prize range?
  9. Hi, i´ve already tried the JAS and the tubgirl Iso, but Vmware can not detect any bootable media... I want to load the Isos in Vmware but it isnt working.. Is there any help`?
  10. Hi, 1.) I want to buy me some new cheap Hardware to work with OSX86. I already loaded the Jas 10.4.8 Iso and i want to patch it to 10.4.9 when it is perfectly working. Ok here is the hardware i want to use: Mainboard: Asrock 4Core DUAL-VSTA The HCL says: Works out of the box: PATA, USB. Works with easy patching: Audio (needs ALC888 installer), Network (needs this pinxue driver). Not tested: SATA Do I understand it right that the Motherboard working only the USB, Audio and the Network needs a patching? CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 , 2x 1.80GHz , Dual Core, 64 Bit This CPU should work. Do you think the speed is enough for picture editing and some FCP? Im working at the moment at a AMD Athlon 2600 XP. Ram: 2048MB (2x 1024MB) DDR2 I want to buy these 3 things on ebay. Click Here I also want to use my old AGP Leadtek Geforce 6800. The HCL says to this: Works perfektly using OSX 10.4.8_AMD_SSE3 from Piratebay after adding 0x004110de in IOPCIMatch in the Geforce.kext(Contents/Info.plist) and deleting AGPGuard.kext Sorry if I ask but is there a tutorial for this task? And what is Titan? Also I want to use a 80GB HDD and a 320 GB external hdd. And I will be a Wlan Card that is mentioned by the OSX as Airport Extreme. What kind of power supply will i need for this? Should i buy a apple keyboard? I heard about some extra keys And what do you think about these cases? Silver Black And what is the best How-To for a XP/OSX Dual Boot System? Yeah I know that i have a lot of questions. Thanks for the answers