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  1. Different versions of fakeSMC.kext

    I'm quite new at this hackintosh business but thanks to many good guides on this forum and others, I have managed to get my basic build up and running. I have managed to make it work using a version of fakeSMC that declares itself to be 5.1.59 (can't remember where I got it from), this version doesn't seem to have some of the hardware sensing bits that others have. A quick google shows me that there are quite a few different fakeSMC's out there. Can anyone give me some advice as to which one(s) I should try? I'm using clover MSI B75IA-E33 mobo (patched using pmpatch) i3-3225 Intel HD4000 Onboard sound Bluetooth adapter Zoom Model 4322 The whole thing worked probably as "out the box" as it gets - just fakeSMC, a kext for the Lan and VooDooHDA for sound. I even had sleep working at one point but then I rebuilt it and somehow it got lost...
  2. MSI B75IA-E33 Trouble with Mavericks install

    I've made some progress with this, in case anyone is interested. After much reading I discovered that MSI boards need a bios patch. Very nervous about this, but used the excellent PMPatch to create a patched bios and flashed it. This was easier than I thought it would be. Then re-created my USB install stick with Clover and Mavericks and off we go again... and then my USB stick gave up the ghost. One new USB stick later... and still not reaching the install screen, although now crashing further along the process, after the FakeSMC messages. This is the message: dbinit: done [96MB total pool size, (64/32) split] pthread support ABORTS when sync kernel primitives are misused Any ideas anyone?
  3. This is my first attempt at a mackintosh. This is my hardware: MSI B75IA-E33 with core i3-3225 and 8GB Corsair vengeance LP I'm following the guide at clover boot.weebly.com. I have made the Clover USB stick with FakeSMC, HFSPlus and NullCPUPowermanagement. I can boot into Clover but when I try to install Mavericks I get the "grey apple" screen flash up briefly, then it crashes and the MSI logo appears on the screen, then it goes back to Clover and continues in the same vein, sometimes with but mostly without the "grey apple" screen. I've attached a picture of what I see before the crash. I'm not sure where to look for clues as to what's going wrong. I cannot find any logs that might help. Should I think about using a DSDT? Any help anyone can give would be very much appreciated.