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  1. PS/2 input support?

    Thank you, for the first time my touchpad is working correctly!
  2. Good night. I have OS X 10.8 installed in a Sony VAIO VPCEH40EB, which has 4GB RAM memory. It uses from 1GB up to 1.5GB just for wired memory. I think that's a bit too much, isn't it? If yes, can you think of a way to reduce it? I'm attaching an image comparing the wired memory usage of this laptop and of my desktop, which also runs OS X 10.8, just after boot, before executing any application. Laptop's is 3x desktop's. Apple support says "The amount of Wired memory depends on the applications you are using", but as I said, it's 1GB without running any application, and the difference to my desktop also prove otherwise (for a Hackintosh).
  3. I really enjoyed this guide. Surely a vanilla install is better. Now I can access iCloud, update, and more. I've been for 2 weeks in real hackintoshing (since I installed iATKOS) and with this little experience I had no issues while doing the instructions. Hackintoshing is very easy these says. To be true, I just made one mistake: including the final "/" in the name of the kexts when copying. This way it won't copy, unlike in Linux. I expected Chameleon to install in MBR, but GRUB was still there. I just chainloaded, as I previously had an OS X entry in GRUB menu. Thanks!