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  1. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Niresh released a new version of his distro. Now OS X 10.8.5. It uses the Chimera bootloader. The problem with that was that it stopped at Loading.... extensions.mkext. The ... would then turn into +++ and it would stop from there.
  2. AMD APU mountain lion support

    He has a different chipset from me. I have A75 he has an AMD740G. I have socket FM2 he has AM2+
  3. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Nope absolutely nothing. Can you give me the link to this Ira guy? There's Ubuntu ImageWriter for restoring the .img file made from dmg2img then there's the hfsprogs for mounting the USB stick for R/W. I'm the only one in my circle to have a Mac OS X PC. I think they don't even know what a Mac is except for a Big Mac.
  4. AMD APU mountain lion support

    So I should be able to boot to iATKOS without an installer? When I try to boot it just gives me a black screen
  5. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-HD2 Rev 1.0 - OSx86 had a post about a user asking for Kexts but I don't know if it worked for him. RealTek ALC887/888B - got the kexts RealTek RTL8168 - this one has the Mac OS X 10.7 driver but again, not sure if it'll work with 10.8.3
  6. AMD APU mountain lion support

    When I choose to make a simple USB stick as instructed on iATKOS, it gives me a black screen. The kexts would be the problem at this point. I have no idea what my network card is but its a RealTek one. The A75 Chipset drivers seems to be available for Snow Leopard minus the APU itself.
  7. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Okay I've made serious progress with the iATKOS build. The bootloader part is the only thing needed before I try. I need Clover 1378 (or whichever one works) but I don't know what to do with the .pkg file. I'm using Bodhi Linux to do this.
  8. AMD APU mountain lion support

    The first DVD of Niresh was a notch corrupted so I re-burned it and issued these flags: "amd -v npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=0 GraphicsEnabler=No" and it came out with a reboot. It stops at a part where // was at the beginning and the end. Not sure what it said because it happened in a split second. The vanilla OS X installer was too scratched so I guess that could've been a reason. I'm now trying the iAtkos ML3U installer with AnV's AMD Kernel and the Clover bootloader. I'm not sure how to make the bootloader install but I kind of know how to switch the kernels. I'd still appreciate instructions on both though just to be safe.
  9. AMD APU mountain lion support

    I got lost in the vanilla installer so I tried a distro. Currently Niresh's, I tried -nossse3bit with -v and no changes. It reboots right after I press enter
  10. AMD APU mountain lion support

    Time for me to bite the bullet on this one and try it out. I have an AMD A4-5300 (AMD Radeon HD 7480D)
  11. Is that true? Wow. If Apple does throw in a Mac with an AMD processor it would balance the flavors of Macs like Microsoft OEMs get balanced out. A line with Intel processors and the exact same line with the AMD equivalent of processors that way there's one for the budget market and one for the high-end market.
  12. It was almost gonna happen with the MacBook Air had AMD been able to provide Llano APUs in volumes according to this article: http://goo.gl/DVS67L Other than the volume issue, the CPU in the Llano APU won't be able to give much performance. With AMD's new generation Kaveri APUs with apparently a different architecture than the old Trinity and Richland line (which used Piledriver) and even better GPU tech, the odds of an AMD MacBook Air is quite good for both budget and power for Apple users since Mac Pros will be running 2 FirePro GPUs. To be clear, I do like the Intel Macs and I am strongly against having AMDs on iMacs and MacBook Pros but having them on the MacBook Air could really be something awesome (although I am again strongly against it if they throw in an A4 MacBook Air).
  13. This is a quick one, how do I manually install the suggested Clover bootloader without a Mac?
  14. I'm a bit puzzled but here's how I understand it: My system probably would work but I'd be better off with a different card. Is this it?
  15. So my APU also won't work on Lion? I already have everything set up and I just need a couple more green lights before starting the USB up.