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  1. Shell command from XCode interface

    Do you mean by ctrl-clicking on the NSTextField and NSButton and "bind" it to the App Delegate in the IB then click delegate or clickAddButton? Then Yes I will try a Breakpoint and the modify, thanx for lookin it up. I will read more of the link.
  2. Shell command from XCode interface

    hi, Sorry for answering that late. Thx. Another error by bad reading . But thanx 4 the detailed explanation. All Errors are gone now. But after pressing the "button" nothing happens. could the path be wrong? If it works, will I see a Terminal window executing the Command, or does it just execute in the background? Do I have to do something else in the Interface Builder?
  3. Shell command from XCode interface

    Ah, Ok I think now it`s Time to look on this part. hmm what path is the shell.... isn't it user/bin/sh something like that? And something else, I get these three warnings, they sound critical...are they?
  4. Shell command from XCode interface

    Yes, same result...get a blank window after build and run. Hmm, now I see, I get a Warning "Incomplete implementation of class MkenterAppDelegate. Edit: Ahh, I built the Interface new, and then it worked... OK now I press the Button nothing happens...got no MediKey in the qtdefaults.... I try to figure out Here the actual script lines: <br>
  5. Shell command from XCode interface

    Hmm, I saved every class and restarted the build and run, saved the interface Builder, restarted...nothing happened... I continue later, too thx for your interest, would be cool if I (we) could get it work... greetz Mortus
  6. Shell command from XCode interface

    Hmmm, I didnt get the Problem with the blank Window after build solved. What could I have forget, anything in the properties ?
  7. Shell command from XCode interface

    Thank you 4 answering this precisely. Helped me a lot to understand how it could work. I will now figure out what the errors mean and how I can fix them, if you or somebody else has an idea before me, I surely would be grateful. But this makes me getting interested in learning more Cocoa The Interface is ready, I will report if I succeed greetz Mortus first Error solved : its AraywithObjects with s... need to read more careful:) Ok found second error, too.. wrong place for bracket Ok, now i solved all problems with the errors, but now I get a blank window, allthough I put 2 x NSTextField and once NSButton in the window... I try to figure it out, but any help is welcome
  8. Shell command from XCode interface

    Anybody? Did I describe the problem too bad?
  9. Hi, I am very new to XCode and I try to write a small tool for an entry of parameters for a shell command. The Purpose is to make an QT preferences changing easier, here in case of entering MediaKeys. Because for those who have to use Quick Time X it is neccessary to use the Terminal to enter MediaKeys. The Shell command for that is: qtdefaults write MediaKeys "Category" "MediaKey" I want to create an Interface, where it is possible to enter Category and Key and press a button and the command will be executed with the special parameters. i have read some Tutorials and got now used to the dev Tools and to the handling of the Interace Builder. I have a Class AppDelegate.m @implementation AppDelegate -(void)clickButton: (id)sender; { NSString *text = [textField stringvalue]; And a class AppDelegate.h @interface AppleDelegate : NSObject { IBOutlet NSTextField *textField; IBOutlet NSTextField *textField; } - (IBAction)clickButton: (id)sender; @end Could anyone help me, to finish this...would be great and I could learn something. For me it looks like only a few lines could complete this job. Or the most Important thing is the line how to send the command to the terminal... Ok THX for answers I hope it was understandable, i must realize my english got bad...
  10. na dannn kannst ja mal noch die Threadslinken, wo dir so wunderbat geholfen wurde
  11. ATI X1400 256MB Treiber

    na kann man die Natit.kext nicht umschreiben...so hab ich das gemacht.. und wegen der Auflösung die boot.plist erweitern! Ich hab zwar ne ATI X1300, aber das müsste doch eigentlich ziemlich ähnlich sein..oder bin ich da gerad aufm totalen Holzweg, wenn dann sorry
  12. Dell Inspiron und Uphuck 1.4i 10.4.9 Bzw. JaS

    hi, erstmal danke schon wieder füe die megaschnelle antwort Ich hab 0x71451002 als ID eingegeben und im SP steht als Device ID 0x7149(?) Mit dem Boinx probier ich jetz mal aus. Hab jetzt außerdem noch so flackernde Streifen ab und zu am Rand...
  13. villeicht liegts an der Auflösung ??? musste in der boot.plist nen key für Graphics Mode hinzufügen mit nem string in dem deine MAx auflösung drin steht...oder haste das schon gemacht?
  14. musstest du denn nach dem sudo nano befehl ein Passwort eingeben?
  15. Optimales Hackintosh Notebook?

    also mit meinem Dell Inspiron 6400 scheints nach ein bisel Mühe alles ziemlich Perfekt zu laufen