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  1. why else would I be here?
  2. My board has been giving me some issues lately and I need to replace it soon. Does anyone have any recommendations on a motherboard I can buy that would require the least amount pf patching and would have the most "out of the box" working hardware? I plan on buying a retail copy of OSX and using the new boot CD to install. Thanks in advance!
  3. Intel (Errors) Inside

    no.. you see... this was all planned by Jobs. Selling a computer with a faulty CPU is innovative and brilliant!
  4. all I want is a Mactel motherboard, or a copy of OSX86 that's not restrictive. Hopefully the new macs will be ATX... which I doubt
  5. Acer Ferrari 3200 Success!

    Specs: Mobile Athlon64 2800+ (no SSE3) Mobility Radeon 9700 128mb 80gb 4200 RPM (I used a 6gb that I took from an old laptop to try this out) Broadcom Wireless G - BCM4306 Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit LAN (don't know the model number) 4in 1 memory card reader bluetooth DVD burner AC97 sound firewire Here's what works and doesn't: works: bluetooth memory card reader it reconizes that its has a DVD burner, havn't tried to bun a DVD though the sound is choppy but I can hear something come out of the speakers USB firewire doesn't work: wired NIC PCMCIA quartz extream (of course) stable sound (iTunes crashes when its about to play a song) wireless, although I have gotten OSX to reconize the card using this guide: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=1263 OSX reports the card as bing turned off I think this may have something to do with the fact that the laptop has 2 buttons on the front to turn on and off wireless and bluetooth. In windows I installed a utility that works with the buttons and they display a message on screen when bluetooth or wireless turns on/off. I think the memory card reader and bluetooth devices are just USB devices connected directly to the motherboard, because I can turn on/off bluetooth while in OSX. The wireless card I think depends on that utility tp turn on because I only get a wireless connection after I login to windows when that utility starts up. Since I don't need to login to AD, its never been a problem. However, I think I may have to modify the driver to turn on the card, or write a seperate program to handle that. I'm still researching the problem. To install I imaged the drive with dd and deleted all of the intel and ati kexts
  6. ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Mobility

    I had the same problem.. what I did was delete all of the ATI kexts and intel chipsets, I doubt I needed to delete all of them but someone suggested I do that and it worked!
  7. Would you buy a Apple Mactel?

    just because win95 added 32 bit support to dos, it doesn't make it an OS. DOS4GW also adds 32 bit support for dos but without a GUI. win95 runs on top of DOS; because you can run more programs once win95 loaded doesn't make it an OS either. An OS must be able to run indepently, win95 cannot run without DOS, and OSX cannot run without Darwin.
  8. Would you buy a Apple Mactel?

    oh my god.. look no one is bashing OSX, people are here to figure out how to install OSX on their PCs because THEY WANT IT. Gnome, KDE, whatever are GUIs for linux and unix systems, just like OSX is a gui for Darwin. OSX DEPENDS on Darwin. When you setup a driver in OSX, its passing that information to darwin. Its true that a lot of drivers require that OSX be installed instead of just darwin, but that's only because they have to interact with OSX for some reason, not because its the OS. The fact that Darwin is distributed stand-alone means that you would have to give OSX itself another definition than an OS. Is the interface of XP the operating system, of course not, but since microsoft only releases the GUI and kernel together, you can name it the same thing. Just because OSX can access parts of Darwin that aren't assesable via the command line doesn't make it an OS.
  9. I havn't gotten it to work yet, but I've made some progress from reading a combination of different guides: I'm trying to get this to work within VMWare right now on a mobile Athlon 64 2800+ (no SSE3) To boot the DVD I'm using Daemon Tools to mount the DVD outside of VMWare to a drive letter, then set VMWare to use that drive letter for the DVDROM. I'm doing this because I've read VMWare cannot properly handle the HFS+ partition on the iso so you'll get the message "still waiting for root device" over and over. What you need: VMWare (of course) UltraISO Working install of OSx86 or way to extract files from the vmware image (don't know how to, or if there is even is a way) or mactelbase.tar USB Drive TransMac WinHex the iso (easiest) or CD of the x86 version of Darwin This is what I've done so far: 1. Converted the origional dmg to an ISO using UltraISO 2. Using WinHex I went to the location 0x7D64C0 of the iso and changed the value 53B801 to 33C0C3 to disable the SSE3 checking 3.. opened the darwinx86 ISO with UltraISO and copied all of the kext from /System/Library/Extensions and put them in a temperary folder in windows 4. Started my vmware install of OSX86 and connected my USB Drive and copied the following files to my drive: DS.Bundle /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/NetInfo.framework/Versions/A/Resources/lookupd/Agents IOHDIXController.kext \System\Library\Extensions then I ejected the USB drive from OSX86 and shut down the virtual machine Note: If you know of an easier way to get these files I would do that instead, maby someone could host them, I think they can be found in the mactelbase.tar 5. Reconnected the USB drive so windows could reconize it and copied the IOHDIXController.kext file to the temporary folder I made with all of the kext's 6. Using TransMac I mounted the ISO and replaced: oah750d - maxxuss 0.3 /usr/libexec/oah mach_kernel - maxxuss 0.41 (don't think you need to replace if you have SSE3) / (root of the ISO) deleted all of the kext's from \System\Library\Extensions and replaced them with all of the ones from the temp folder - since people have gotten OSX86 to boot from a darwin install I don't know why deleting all of the existing kext's would make much of a difference since darwinx86 has kext's with matching names. added: DS.Bundle /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/NetInfo.framework/Versions/A/Resources/lookupd/Agents from the USB drive 7. mounted the iso with Daemon Tools and set the virtual DVDROM in VMWare to that same drive letter. Note: still isn't working for me within VMWare, I havn't tried burning the DVD and booting off a real PC yet I keep getting these errors: /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/Resources/DMProxy: theErr=-120 [line xxx, file DMProxy.c] the lines are 314, 451, 569, and 676 also: /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ATS.framework/Versions/A/Support/ATSServer: (-1) Cannot use ATS Persistent Store - switching to old F0DB cache code I'v read in another post that this could be caused by an improperly patched 750d, so I guess I have to wait for it to be fixed. I guess the only problem is that it can't load the GUI part of the install now, darwin seems to reconize my hardware. Safe mode doesn't work, changing the platform doesn't work either. I think I'm really close though, I know some people have gotten the DVD to work with SSE3 and a similar chipset to the apple dev machines only replacing the oah750d and hex editing the ISO. Maby someone with SSE3 could try this DVD out on a non-intel chipset to see if it works. I have a mobile Radeon 9700 so I'm going to try and see if it works with a real DVD.
  10. Would you buy a Apple Mactel?

    Apple developed both Darwin and OSX, but the fact is that OSX is the gui part of Darwin. It is impossible to run OSX without Darwin installed first. Just like Win95 was a gui for DOS.
  11. Would you buy a Apple Mactel?

    This is different, a skilled cheif is rare, so you have to pay him more, thus raising the price of the food. Better neighborhoods are harder to find, raising the property values of the homes. (The concept I hear all the time) A BMW uses higher quality parts and more time goes into making them than a hyundai, thus making BMWs more expensive. OSX is an operating system, to reproduce it you copy the CD/DVD and put it in a box, just like windows. There isn't any reason why mass producing OSX would cost any more than mass producing another OS. That arguement doesn't work. Jobs sells his products to as few as possible to make them feel special that they have a mac, and they don't have as many virures, because no one bothers writing a virus for 10% of the PCs out there, not becuase OSX is any more secure. I could make a OS and only sell it to 2 people and claim it is the most secure OS in the world. Why? because no one will spend the time to hack an OS that's only on 2 computers. Jobs' ego prevents Apple from making more money, thus he is the DUMBEST business man ever.
  12. Would you buy a Apple Mactel?

    Apple should stop focusing on their over-priced PCs and allow OSX to run on any system. They could still sell their own sytems and they could market them as guarenteed to work with OSX, and provide cheap or free support if you're using OSX on an offical Apple computer. Dell already publicly stated they would sell desktops with OSX, what's the problem? Is making money a bad thing for Apple? Steve Jobs is the DUMBEST businessman of all time, he has a good product but he won't make it available to the masses.