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  1. Are you 100% sure you are trying the latest version of OS X? I was attempting to install on my haswell system, downloaded direct from my App store account, but Apple was still sending out 10.8.4, as opposed to the required 10.8.5 . I was stuck in the same spot as you. Have you attempted to use onboard graphics for the install portion?
  2. FWIW There was recently a delay in this. When attempting to download 10.8.5 for my Haswell build, The app store was still giving me 10.8.4 for weeks after the release. I didn't find this out until multiple failed attempts to boot into the installer. I later used the same base download to re-install OS X on my Mac Mini, then noted it was actually 10.8.4 . Nice little curveball from apple.
  3. Greetings, It is quite possible your boot is being hung up by graphics, or other hardware issues that the Installer doesn't like Check out this install, as it is quite similar hardware to yours, and the Boot flags in this post worked for me as well. [sUCCESS] Vanilla ML 10.8.5 on GA-Z87X-UD4H & 4770k Haswell Boot flags
  4. I am an ID10T I was working with the wrong installer file. Literally discovered this after I posted this request. Still wondering how I passed both of this sites quiz tests, with me being that sleepy! The Haswell system is booting into the installer just fine now
  5. Greetings, I am attempting to get 10.8.5 installed onto a new system I am building, however after many unsuccessful attempts to load the installer, I have discovered the downloaded version I keep getting from Apple is 10.8.4 . 10.8.5 would be ideal, as I am using a Haswell based Core i7. Is there a way for me to patch my current install, and or, force the download from the app store to be 10.8.5? Thanks for any assistance!