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  1. Thank you again for you help with my Sierra install. I noticed however that my USB 3 is not completely correct. I have a USB 2.0 hub inside the 3.0, etc... (See screenshot). Easy fix? USB 3.0 speed does not seem to be what it should be neither...
  2. MaLd0n, wow, wow and more Wow. Everything under 10.12.4 works like a complete charm, and the rig is smoking fast in booting up. So Smoooooooth! Thank you ever so much.
  3. I figured that after rereading your post again. I am in the process of installing Sierra on my spare ssd. Looks good so far!!!!
  4. Do I use the Clover folder you sent me for the Sierra install (on the USB), but replace the DSDT with the one you sent me that works? The screenshot you took of the Clover Screen. What is checked to install inside of the "Drivers64UEFI" Option? In the past I have just used OsxAptioFix2Drv-64
  5. On board audio works like it did bebefore. This is my 10.11.6 build. When I go to 10.12.4 I will probably need that right?
  6. Booted that time with the new dsdt.aml. I swear the Rig is 76% faster to boot. Ok, 92.33%...... xEclipse2's iMac.zip
  7. it did not like the .command file couldn't find kextcache nor the update_* command so i replaced the dsdt and i am back to my desktop This is my ioreg from post replacing dsdt.aml in my clover /acpi/patch folder My USB 3.0's are behaving better under 10.11.6 since I used your CLOVER folder! That is awesome! xEclipse2's iMac.zip
  8. With that clover folder i get the Stop sign on boot (circle with line through it) unfortunately the text showing what it died on is blurred, it gets to the pic i have attached just prior to the Stop.
  9. As Indicated. Thank you in advance! My signature is up-to-date with exactly my Hardware. 1 -CLOVER_Existing with Origin F4.zip 2 -xEclipse2-Current ioreg.ioreg.zip 3 -Send me xEclipse2’s iMac.zip
  10. Thank for this guide MaLD0n, looks very good. I am currently running 10.11.6 on my Z97 (Stable). All my attempts in the past to go to 10.2.x have resulted in USB 3.0 issues. I have a spare SSD that I am going to put in my rig and attempt your steps in the post. You have done a lot of good in helping others, and I must tip my hat to you for that!!!