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  1. I saw elsewhere that chris1111 got handoff and/or continuity working with a tplink pci card, not an official apple part. Anyone have any experience with this? What is used for BT in this setup? I would love to hear from the man himself but anyone with insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yosemite boots from USB, wont from drive (Clover)

    Ok so my board only allows legacy booting for hdd, so I went clover options from my usb boot then "add clover as boot option" or something similar. Note there will be two options menus, one will add your usb to the boot options, the other your hdd. Working like a charm now. Thanks all.
  3. Yosemite boots from USB, wont from drive (Clover)

    I can't find anything there that stands out. The odd thing for me is I did the same process, just on a different location for two very different results.i wouldn't even mind having to permanently use a usb stick to boot but i specifically wanted clover to fix my imessage problems and I believe that requires the efi partition on the os drive.
  4. Hi guys, I jumped ship from a working 10.10 Beta 4 Chameleon setup to Clover due to iMessage woes. I'm running Clover 2939 & I went GPT with two partitons at install, one journaled, one exFat. I have installed fine and can boot Yosemite from the usb installer I created but I cannot get Clover set up on the HDD. I did the same install steps as with the bootable USB with the addition of installing RC scripts, the EFI is created & mounted. From what I can tell the two EFI partitions (USB & HDD) look the same.I have a Asrock extreme4 z77 motherboard. The USB is recognised as a UEFI boot option where as the HDD is AHCI. Is that normal behaviour if Clover is installed? When set as the boot option it just spits out a message about being non-bootable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Mavericks ALC898/899 Boot issue

    I restored AppleHDA.kext, IOAudioFamily.kext from my mavericks installer using Kext Utility & deleted HDAenabler.kext. I then used MB to install the ALC898 without DST kext, ran kext utility again to check the cache and rebooted with -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes. I get sound assertion errors in AppleHDAEnabler & AppleGenericCodec. Safe Mode boots with -v -x GE=Yes. Any thoughts?
  6. Mavericks ALC898/899 Boot issue

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll restore all audio kexts to stock and try again...
  7. Mavericks ALC898/899 Boot issue

    Here you go mate, this should work. Just place it inside IONetworkingFamily,kext in S/L/E. Make sure you dig through to the actual kext in the zip, it wasnt working for me then I realised the folder structure was actually AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext/AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext/Contents... I sure felt like an idiot DHCP works on this for me too, I just had to remove and then re-add my ethernet adapter in system preferences. Another person who has ALC898 working... this is killing me! What version of M.B was that? AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext.zip
  8. Hi guys, so close to Mavericks now... I have my graphics sorted (GTX560), ethernet is good (Broadcom), the only thing keeping me in safe mode is my audio. I have a Asrock z77 Extreme4 which I believe is a ALC899. People seem to be having luck with various 898 kexts but I am not. I got a non safe mode boot once (still no sound) after installing the latest voodooHDA but it crashed out eventually and would only boot safe afterwards. No other voodoo version has worked. Any ideas?
  9. Hi guys, I have a i5-3570 Asrock Z77 Extreme4 with a GT560. I made up a 10.9 vanilla install USB which ran great at the installer (no flags needed) but on reset/first boot keeps hanging at DSMOS arrived, Waiting for DSMOS or bluetooth depending on which solution I try. I have deleted all the video kexts and rebuilt permissions, used -v -f -x GE=Y\N in all sorts of combos, tried Intel with 32mb shared memory and the Nvidia but nothing. FakeSMC and NullCPUPowerManagement are in place. Tried with no SMBios and a MacPro3,1. Is there something I am missing?
  10. I had a iAtkos ML2 install working well as my first hackintosh, everything except sleep (was a work in progress, BIOS is flashed custom 2.70) and my DVD drive ejected at boot & always thought there was a blank disc inside. I then got greedy and decided to update to 10.8.5 (Combo Installer). Now I can only boot safemode or else it hangs on the apple boot screen with the spinning dial just going and going... Last lines of a verbose boot shows Sound assertion in AppleHDACodecGeneric at line 360 Sound assertion in AppleHDACodecGeneric at line 360 Sound assertion in AppleHDACodecGeneric at line 360 Sound assertion in AppleHDACodecGeneric at line 360 I am running a i5 3570 on a Asrock Extreme 4 z77, GTX 560. It is dual booting with win 7. I am assuming since a was using a distro and applied a retail update I have overwritten something that iAtkos had taken care of. I am further assuming that it is audio related due to when it hangs. I have tried a few different kext setups post update to no avail. That said I'm a complete noob so it could be the phase of the moon for all I know... Anyone who could help would be much appreciated