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  1. So my problem WAS comodo. Even after checking my trusted files, adjusting my behavior exclusions etc nothing. So I stopped the service, restart, ran the patcher, it worked, set the service to start, restarted and bam fully functionally VMware Workstation. Thanks for being here to debug. I respect developers that support all of their projects. Ive met / seen developers put out something like this and NOT support it by being available because "its so simple it should always work and if it doesnt its the user" and while thats true on windows half of the time, its sometime conflicting calls or old code that does it too. Im glad theres another OS X user out there. Getting sick of people saying OS X is for "noobs and the rich". I love OS X for the GUI and Unix Core. Ill always have OS X as client / desktop and unix / linux as backend / servers.
  2. I agree but its also free so you can't really blame them. Atleast the crapware / bloatware is just more stuff from them and "privdog" is the only third party utility. At least its not like most companies with the ask bar and {censored} bar and whatever else. Surprising thing is, since I've used comodo for years, I know i've had to whitelist my own programs I've built and some patches, so I believe I whitelisted unlocked.exe already and that didn't work for me too. But ill try that again and report back.. Again thanks for the help and I'm glad I could help find the issue. Always forget about AV but thats because I'm mostly a linux / os x user and dislike windows for anything but gaming
  3. Donk, Im glad you pointed out AV. I had it disabled / quit it when I was trying to figure out what could be blocking the installer/patcher and I was getting the same error. But now, on my windows 8.1 VM, with no antivirus AT ALL, I was able to install workstation 10, patch it (install cmd actually did stuff) and i see the OS X option now. I am also using comodo and I've been using it for years. Besides the windows 8 issues I'm having with it, it works flawlessly for most stuff. I am going to probably just going to have it disabled from starting up, reboot my computer, run the patcher again and see what I get. This will happen on my desktop when I get home. Thanks for your help. I will get back to you on if that works. Sikh
  4. Here you go. Outputted into 2 seperate text files https://www.dropbox.com/s/2c18c1aus57o45w/accesschk_output.zip I think I might see the problem, but I dont understand why it is. So I want to see what you say. I think its a permission problem but im not sure how or why
  5. Hey thanks for responding and thanks for showing me a new tool. Im going to run this when I'm home and let you know what it says. So you know what I've done is I've installed it on my Program Files drive as I call it, I've installed it on the same OS Drive (SSD vs HDD) and I've installed it on another drive that just a data drive. VMWare workstation works fine from all locations, the program fails with the same error. So I've copied it local to each drive, nothing. Ive changed permissions on the vmware workstation folder for "everyone" to have all access, nothing. Ive done everything I would normally do and nothing. So I hope the above accesschk tool helps find the problem. I installed vmware workstation on another machine running windows 8.1. update 1 and it gave me the same error. So its not just my one machine. Its also another machine. I just installed a fresh copy of windows 8.1 in a VM and was going to upgrade it all the way today and then try installing to see if I get the same error. Sikh
  6. VMware Unlocker for OS X

    I just did a clean install of vmware and tried installing the unlocker as admin and via a cmd with admin privs, doesnt work
  7. On windows 8.1. whenever I install the unlocker v1.3 as admin, it fails to patch vmware-vmx.exe with a error message "Createfile failed: access is denied". Im running the script as admin. Because of this, I do not see the "Mac OS X" option. How can I fix this?