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  1. All I did was just setting the msahci and iastorV registry keys to zero, reboot using "super grub2" disc, type the following commands in grub2 CLI: setpci -d 10de:0d85 fb.b=80 set root=(hd0,4) chainloader +1 boot All I got was a BSOD ("STOP" error 0x7b) (instead of windows installing an ahci driver) I searched on the web and I found in a Microsoft support page saying that if it was 0x7b and win 7, it was related to issues of enabling ahci, so I think the setpci code should be right for my mcp89 chip (I've also tried others: fb.b=8: nothing happened, just a normal startup to win 7 desktop fb.b=88: can't boot at all - just a "A disc error occurred - press CTRL-ALT-DEL" in the text console so I think fb.b=80 should have clicked something right) I've also tried, after the regedit and before the grub reboot, the driver force-install of the MS compatibility standard ahci driver, or the built-in nvidia nforce SATA controller driver, installing over the "IDE dual-channel controller device" (whatever), still the same BSOD (btw, my tries are based on the blog article of dark fader http://darkfader.blogspot.hk/2010/04/windows-on-intel-mac-and-ahci-mode.html, so I am not using the mbr patching approach, nor did I installed grub2 to my harddisk, I just type the chainloader +1 boot command to launch win 7 after setpci-enabling ahci) It will {censored} me off if only mcp79 works but not 89 - but what have I missed out?
  2. It's not the generic microsoft ahci driver, but the one from nvidia?
  3. Does it mean that I just install the latest version of bootcamp, and with the registry key modded and the ahci enabled (whatever way, by the setpci + grub-boot-ing-to-win-7 or the mbr patching), the ahci driver (or chipset driver whatever) will be activated? Maybe I'm beginning to get lost, but it seems to me that since someone point out the way to fix macs with mcp79, and that I've succeeded on following this way (binary-search out the appriopriate code for the setpci code for AHCI), I would succeed in activating the AHCI of my mcp89 macbook 7,1 (mid 2010) at the end? I'm dying to talk to mrlinux and ask him had he succeeded or not
  4. hello, my macbook is 7,1 and it has mcp89 chipseti have managed to find out the setpci code to be setpci -d 10de:0d85 fb.b=80 but i'm not sure what should be the next step since it shouldn't make sense to install an Intel RST driver over the nvidia chipset