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  1. Hi, I'm on 10.4.1 still, and when I woke up today the software update had came up all byitself overnight, it had listed a Itunes update and a update to 10.4.5, kinda wierd..I never expected that to actually work on findin updates since this version is so old. And I never had 10.4.4 listed, I wonder if Apple is pushin the 10.4.5 update to try and get some of these hacked versions shut down. I know updates on any OS are common and it isnt nothin out of the ordinary to need to update, but you know they have to be a bit ticked off that 10.4.4 is already hacked.
  2. HTML editor

    had probs with SubEthaEdit myself...deemed it poo, try textwrangler or Smultron and "no what you see is what you get"..that doesnt really make sence.
  3. Quicktime/Screensaver crashes.....

    Hi, have you ran "sudo periodic daily weekly monthly" from terminal, I am still usin 10.4.1 myself, I had about the same issue awhile back, can't remember if that's what fixed it, I have been havin some issues with mail locking up when I try to write and a few other probs that have about made me want to smash this sucker recently, ran the chron scripts last night and it seemed to help, this machine is on 24/7, I dunno why I have to manually run them, but if it doesnt get done, it just turns to {censored}, might help your problem, I dunno
  4. Hi, I know this isnt very important, but I was wondering if anyone might be able to get their screen to go negative(url below), it doesnt seem to over here, but I could just be hittin the wrong keys or something stupid like that and not realizing it. http://pugetive.typepad.com/blog/2005/10/n...ive_friday.html
  5. OSx86 Project Widget

    I have made a rss widget of a podcast I listen to for dashboard, apple has some sample code up, it's was pretty simple, but I still have some things to figure out on mine, I would like the link opened in itunes, not safari, so it still needs work. I messed around with a OSx86 rss widget and it wasnt workin, and after doin a bit of googling it is lookin like some rss feeds are not working so easily, dont quite have the problem pinpointed yet...possibly the url
  6. Itunes Universal

    Just a note, I was able to get ahold of the universal and was able to install it on 10.4.1, it installed fine, and it says Intel/PPC, but I had to checkmark the rosetta box in order for it to run..kinda defeats the purpose, suppose I will have to move to 10.4.3 or see if I can replace it with the old one again, which I forgot to back up, not smart on my part.
  7. Itunes Universal

    ok, now I'm slightly confused..you said you did an upgrade and retained settings then mention installing 10.4.3. Do you mean you upgraded your existing 10.4.1(dunno if that is possible) to the 1099 or did you start clean from 1099, I didnt think 1099 would work on my machine, but looks like with the latest patches I might be able to, then there's also what Habitual said about the patches being universal, can you or anyone else confirm this, I think I also read it..but it seems I am havin trouble finding it again. thanks
  8. Itunes Universal

    Thank you very much..that cleared up a lot for me, been goin nutty tryin to find out if it might work on 10.4.1, got this set up so well and runnin good, that I hate to mess with 4.3 just for a universal Itunes
  9. Itunes Universal

    Anyone happen to have it....and or know if it will work on 10.4.1?..cant believe I havent seen it around yet, or am I just missin somethin.
  10. HOW TO: commercial dvd playback

    Sweet..works nice..ty Jas
  11. If I am correct the method you are referring to requires two deadmoo installs, one to use to create image from the other. It seems you have a decent amount of hard drive space, I figured out a method of installing the generic iso to like a 20 gb size in vmware, then writing it to a hard drive with dd....not sure if you wanna try that route..?
  12. Ahh, I guess if you still rely on windows and switch back and forth commonly that would be better. also it sounds like he needs a dual ide cable..sounds like she/he only has a single.
  13. Why not just use cable select..I imagine your mobo supports it and switch boot order of the hard drives in the bios when you wanna switch..that's the setup I have..works wonders, just use one ide cable with master and slave connections on it, and set the jumpers to cable select
  14. Transmission

    Thanks, this is a nice client
  15. Sound Problem -Realtek AC97 Audio

    make sure your AppleAC97Audio.kext is present then: cd /System/Library/Extensions sudo chown -R /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext kextload AppleAC97Audio.kext chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions cd /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ kextload AppleAC97AudioIntelICH.kext then clean your extensions cache: rm /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions There are a few commads that I think I used, they shouldnt be harmful....I havent never used a Mac untill I got started on osx, I dunno much except my sound wasnt workin and after lookin through a lotta topics then with help from DrJägermeister I think he is the audio guru around here also the wiki guide is good