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  1. Hi I'd like to testdrive OSX on my pc and see if it can help me with webdevelopment. So I downloaded and burned iAtkos ML2 and Niresh 10.8.2. While trying both I got the same error. After waiting around 10 minutes with Niresh and using GraphicsEnabler=No I managed to install OSX, at least I think. During the installation at around 20% the screen became white and froze. I could still see the cursor but not move it. The external HDD where I tried to install OSX on was actively being used though. After around 20 minutes I came back and noticed the pc rebooting itself. I think it was done installing, but am not 100% sure. Anyway, after i try to boot my pc it completely freezes during post. It doesn't get to the RAM check. When I remove the external HDD with the Niresh installation my pc boots normally(into Windows 8). Any clue on what might have gone wrong? My specs: Intel i7 920 GA-EX58-DS4 12GB DDR3 AMD Radeon 4870 1gb Installed on a 160GB external drive Not overclocked or tampered with. AHCI is enabled in the BIOS. The motherboard doesn't support UEFI.