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  1. Revolutioner

    Clover Themes

    nice but need some work again :)
  2. Revolutioner

    Clover Themes

    Looking very nice ,,i'll awesome if get some animated background image
  3. Revolutioner

    Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    yep you are Right @Mieze :thumbsup_anim:if they don't know anything regarding solve problem of user etc always using their killer argument: not supported, not compatible, you are banned! etc. it was happend with me and They have totally HYPOCRITE don't know anything about hackintosh huh
  4. Revolutioner

    Hackintosh Xeon ivy lowcost (i7)

    @gils83 have you used patched kernel for ivy cpu ,,or DSDT ,,???
  5. Revolutioner

    Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    i wouldn't say it's rip of Myhack it's a post installation utility only ..means a competitor to multi{censored} ..
  6. Revolutioner


    does this support only for UEFI Bios ??? or legacy too ???
  7. Revolutioner

    Permanently Banned From Tonymacx86

    Totally Foolish people on TMX SIte specially mate94 and Stork they are making fool of them ...there is long story behind my ways to hackintosh but i'm not discussing it now ...they are not caring for Noob in hackintosh i hate them bcoz they only threating people ,,,i thought most of post their are made by of thier own with solution totally foolish idea ,,Multi{censored} totally time wasting product by them but i can beat your ,Multi{censored} with my own Tool ... they had already banned my id thrice ..
  8. Revolutioner


    great new way ,,may be for legacy system you need to add option for Boot0ss and bootaf installation with UEFI Selection,add option like depend upon user to select/choose UEFI or legacy ..
  9. Revolutioner

    Any USB Apple keyboard / mouse...

    hey Anv liks are not working could you plz updated link ????my keyboard and mouse working properly but do i need this and why????
  10. Revolutioner


    Nice and Simple
  11. Revolutioner

    Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    does this kext work in 10.9.2
  12. Revolutioner

    VGA port Intel HD3000 in laptop (Dell n4050)

    try sandrybridge vga kext from slytherin
  13. Revolutioner

    Sleep issue with GT210

    This means my sleep will not work bcoz using chameleon???
  14. Revolutioner

    Ati Mobility Radeon4670 LVDS not working in 10.9

    hey i need these lines in my kexts ??? i don't need to patched any kexts ???wiill you plz make it simple for me ???