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  1. ok after more testing with your DSDT I discovered that I'm able to wake the machine using power button but I have to long press it then the machine and the screen will wake up. but the bad news is I have the same problem after few hours during the sleep the machine restart during sleep . thats what the current situation with ur DSDT and my old DSDT yes I have IntelGraphicsFixup.kext
  2. ok after more testing with my old DSDT after maybe 2 hours of sleep the machine restarts with ur DSDT as I told u before I was not able to wake the machine even with the Power button when I press it I see its light comes on and the fans start working , but the system and the screen never comes on .
  3. @MaLd0n OK good news ... I did clean install High Sierra Only + clover latest version With your DSDT >> ShutDown works , Sleep works but not able to wake the machine with mouse or keyboard I have to reset it .. My old DSDT >> Shutdown Works , Sleep works then I discovered something weired , I installed my Ethernet [ Qualcomm Atheros AR8161 ] Driver : ALXEthernet.kext guess what happend ? same problem from before Shut down and sleep = restarts so it was this driver is what make the issue , found another one and works good now .. will keep testing and let you know , Thanks a lot
  4. the problem is I'm not able to update it , why because I have two EFI partitions and the one that gets updated by clover installer PKG is the wrong one , not the one that boots high sierra . let me explain I wanted to have dual boot win10+High Sierra - windows installed first same hard drive . I faced my 1st problem which I was not able to format the partition I'm going to install macOS on . did some googling and found the fix and followed it and it creats another EFI partition with bigger size .. so i ended up with 2 EFI partitions. I think. I'm going to start all over again but will install macOS only .. and try to get it work properly sleep and shutdown with your help ... and will save the files and try to start the dual boot process again
  5. Thanks a lot ,, but still Sleep and shutdown not working , both make the machine restarts . hope to make it work . thanks again
  6. Hello MotherBoard : ASUS P8H77-V CPU : Intel i7-3770 Video : Intel HD 4000 a fully patched DSDT would be great , to fix my issues Thanks Send me ahmeds-imac.zip origin.zip
  7. eLcTron

    Sierra MBR Patch

    So we don't need patched OSInstall.mpkg or we use an old patched one , i couldn't understand crazybirdy response to you . Thanks