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    I think this topic has run its course for the moment. If something significant comes up feel free to ask for this to be reopened/create a new topic - but I think most of what needed to be said has been covered between this thread and our own thoughts.
    Time to focus on more important topics
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    Black garbage bin, registered Apple patent.
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    Who ever thought that Apple could ever branch out of electronics and revolutionize the overly complex world of garbage bins?
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    Copyright © ctugt 2014 - end of time

    Beginners guide to UEFI Triple/Dual boot OS X, Windows and Linux (Kali) on an single true-gpt ssd
    Working files for MSI GT70 2PC and ACER S3 391

    If you own the MSI GT60/70 Series and my files didnt work out for you, you can still try the guide from slayer2333 here
    This guide should work on OS X Mavericks, Windows 8.1 and Linux Distros with EFI support

    Before executing anything READ the full posts first! This will prevent any unnecessarily mistakes and questions.
    Disconnect all other ssd/hdd/usb drives, just to be sure you don't mess it up! Keep it disconnected until you're done with everything!
    Uploaded files are sorted by post. So multiple posts have attachments needed for that step.
    (my old notebook)

    Good Luck
    Post #02 - MSIGT70 2PC Specifcations, Updates and current log Post #03 - Acer S3 391 Specifcations Post #04 - Preperations for other systems then the MSIGT70 2PC Post #05 - Create OS X Mavericks / Windows / Kali Linux installer usb's Post #06 - Installing Mac OS X Mavericks EUFI mode Post #07 - Installing Windows 8.1 UEFI Mode Post #08 - Fix Clover bootloader to dual boot OS X Mavericks / Windows 8.1 from ssd/hdd Post #09 - Installing Linux/Kali UEFI Mode Post #10- Fix Clover bootloader to triple boot OS X Mavericks / Windows 8.1 / Linux (Kali) from ssd/hdd Post #11 - Image and Recovery Post #12 - F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions Useful Guides
    Exstract dsdt/ssdt correctly. Newbies guide / Fist Google Hit. Sync time between multiple OS The all-in-one Guide made by rockinron_1
    AIO Guide for Hackingt0sh made by pokenguyen
    Yet another guide for Clover.
    Clover Bootloader / Clover Configurator / Clover Instructions DiskmakerX Kext Wizard / Kext Utility Macrium Reflect BDUtility MacDrive
      This wasn't possible for me without the following people
    Thanks to Joseph51423, panpansh, Poco, for helping me understand clover
    Thanks to Download-Fritz for other support
    Thanks to Enzo for letting me patch his original Chameleon's theme to a clover version
    Special thanks to thevoiceover and pokenguyen
    The most gratitude to EMlyDinEsH (Elan driver creator and DSDT specialist)
    s.e.o tags: How to get UEFI dual/triple booting on UEFI, Dual boot from EFI, Triple boot from EFI, How to install os x mavericks to a msi gamer notebook, Install osx on msi notebook
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    Hello, this is a simple tutorial on how to install OS X Mountain Lion and/or OS X Mavericks on a Gateway FX 7026 using a USB/flashdrive.
    1. Using a friends Mac, or using OS X in VMware, download myhack from the internet.  Download the Mountain Lion.dmg or Mavericks.dmg file from the Mac App Store or anywhere you can get it that is safe trustworthy source.  Using myhack is probably the easiest way and is pretty self explanatory.
    2. Once you get Mountain Lion/Mavericks installed on your USB using myhack.  You'll want to reboot and then go to your bios.  In the bios you'll want to change a few options.  Change your hard drives to AHCI, set the usb as first boot, and turn HPET 64-bit mode on.  If your computer bios does not have an option to turn HPET 64-bit mode on but it has an option to turn on HPET, turn that on because its basically the same thing.
    3. Save the changes you made in the bios and reboot with USB plugged in.  You should see the Chameleon boot loader.  From there you'll want to choose OS X.  (If the computer does not boot to the USB first, you might need to manually boot to the USB by pressing either F2, F10, F12, DEL, etc.  Options vary from computer to computer.)  Booting to OS X may take a long time.  It can take up to 15-20 minutes so be patient.  Once your in the OS X installation process, just follow the install screen.  When it gives you an option to choose the hard drive where you'll install OS X, you will see that there is no option to choose any of the hard drives.  This is because your HD's (hard drives) are not formatted correctly for OS X.  You'll want to click on the Utilities menu at the top of the screen and choose Disk Utility.  In Disk Utility, you'll need to either partition or format the HD.  Either way, you'll need to make sure the hard drive is formatted under Mac OS Extended (Journaled).  Once your done with this, quit Disk Utility and then finish up the installation.  When its done you will need to restart.  But this time, instead of booting to the OS X installation, you'll need to boot to the new HD/partition OS X was just installed on.  Once your booted into OS X, you'll need to finish up the install process such as choosing main language, setting up iCloud accounts, getting wifi working, etc.
    4. When your all done with the install process, you'll see the home screen of OS X.  But were not done yet, some users might face a problem where they cannot boot to OS X without using the USB installer they made.  So try and see if yours works or not.  Just reboot without the USB and see if OS X appears when you boot the computer without the USB.  If it does not, then just plug the USB back in, boot to OS X using that, and then go on to step 5.
    5.  To get the boot loader installed so you can boot to OS X without the USB.  You'll need to install a boot loader such as Chameleon or Clover.  I recommend Chameleon for first time users because it is a easier to get working.  What you'll need to do is go online and download the newest version of Chameleon and install it.  Installing the Chameleon boot loader is not complicated.  Once you download the Chameleon boot loader, it will download as a dmg file.  Just double click the dmg file and follow the install steps.  Self explanatory.  Pretty simple, huh?
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    Your welcome for entertaining