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  1. Hey, i was wanting to know does anybody have the MSI K8N Neo-F working? and if so,what build are you using, and what is working, i.e usb, sound, ethernet... i ordered one but it arrived broken, concidering buying a different one... Thanks in advance, Jordan
  2. Will osx x86 die out?

    has anybody managed to "aquire" the 26MB 10.4.4 updates yet?
  3. i'm sure that this will only apply to people that are windows ditchin' (very popular sport) but with the up and coming new technology scheduled for 2006 such as nvidia nforce5 and AMD moving to DDR2 memory, won't you be concerned that if you were to upgrade (not nessesarily to the above) that you could lose complete support for osx x86? For example, you may indulge in a Blu-ray drive or even just a new new motherboard, and then realise that OSX refuses to boot... i am really hoping either somebody is able to 'patch out the future' or this small wonder could end up lying dead in the water, and taking a section of your hard disk with it. Im all for getting rid of windows altogether, if it wasn't for the low driver support offered by other OSes, and the ability not to play games on anything apart from it. But if all else fails, i'll be NIX'ing it when vista is released, because it will carry the microsoft patent of being like a bucket with a hole in, except they make you patch it with your credit card...
  4. Successful Install on ECS KN1 Extreme

    hey, i was thinking about purchasing this mobo, can you confirm exactly what works? thanks in advance, jordn
  5. Does anybody have an AMD motherboard that works almost 100%? i have searched the HCL on the wiki, but to no avail. please post here if you have, or if your motherboard works and it has been patched so it works very well.... please include links to patches that you used where possible....
  6. do downloaded applications or apple program CD's such as photoshop work, or do they have to be ported? i know i certainly would, i think microsoft saw this coming and made themself ' revolution proof '...
  7. Hey people, Does anybody know the limitations of this version of OSX-x86? I undestand that you cannot update it using the internet for obvious reasons, but what is it 100% unable to do? or is it just like any other perfectly able operating system? jordn
  8. Can anyone help?

    i just had a brainwave lol... if i took my 80gb hard disk, partitioned it twice for windows+a linux distribution, and left some unallocated space at the end of the drive, would i then be able to dd the image in windows to it, then just use a bootloader to tri boot? please let me know if anyone has tried it... jordn
  9. Can anyone help?

    i was looking through the guides and none of the ones i can find say anything about dual booting using the deadmoo image is this just me being dense? please could someone put a link to dual booting using deadmoo's image p.s does anybody know any freeware boot selection software? thanks again, jordn
  10. Can anyone help?

    hey, i was wondering if it would be possible to tri-boot windows xp, mac and suse. would any of you guys be able to give me a few pointers? I have all the required hardware and the x86.img file, so can any1 help? jordn