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  1. I was using RamageDev's guide to use MyHack to install Mountain Lion 10.8.5 OS and it was successfully installed but now, I received this error on my bootup screen which I have no idea what it is. Can someone tell me what is wrong? Thanks.
  2. Hey Rampage, When I download OS X 10.8 from iTunes, there are no mention what I do with that OS? Do I copy it to USB? I am lost.
  3. Thanks Rampage Dev, your a great guy. Responsive and non-rude.
  4. I was planning to get a Macbook Pro but then budget didn't go through so I am planning to do it the cheap way of flipping my desktop to run Mac OS X on a seperate partition hard drive. I understand you need a Mac to do a USB booter but what if I don't have a Mac to do it? Is there an alternative way? Do I need to buy and download the OS or is there another option? My current desktop set up is: Intel Core™ i5-3570K Processor, 3.40GHz w/ 6MB Cache, Asus P8Z77-V LE w/ Dual DDR3, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Lan, CrossFireX, and GSKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB PC3-12800 Dual Channel DDR3 Kit (2 x 4GB). Would it work? Which guide should I take to do a Hackintosh? I am a newbie here and I hope someone can guide me through. I would like to compensate someone with their time at the end if I can get everything running. It would be a big saving for me and I am sure I don't mind to reward someone as long if I am saving a thousand dollars.