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  1. Can you explain this? Which script? To rid yourself?
  2. Also wanting to get the WG111 to work, just bought it for "replacement" of my intel3945. I tried the Iatkos as well as the Kalyway. The kalyway seems better because I van see a Airport device.... But how do I get the WG111 to work? I would appreciate if teamrevo could answer. (and if anyone knows how to get the Ati X1600 mobility to work...plzzzzz) Leopard installs fine, except for the video and network....
  3. Dual Screen problem

    Is it possible to get the upper menu bar on the second screen? It's annoying that when the application is on the second screen en the menu bar on the left... And can I use a dualscreen wallpaper? If yes, how is this done...
  4. Dual Screen problem

    thnx! the new nvinject for leo worked! got the dual screen working now
  5. Hi all! I've got Leopard running great! (Asus P5W Deluxe, E6600, Nvidia 7600GT, 3GB RAM, Sata disk) Now I've got the following issue: On my graphic card, Asus Nvidia 7600GT, I've got 2 DVI output. One of this output is connected with DVI to a TFT monitor. Recently I connected a second monitor, a 19" CRT monitor. Because this CRT monitor doesn't have a DVI connector I placed a DSUB VGA <-> DVI adapter on the graphic card and so I can connect the CRT screen. When I boot my PC I can see the BIOS boot screen on both monitors. When Leopard is loaded the CRT screen goes blank and isn't detected by Leopard. Can this be due to the adapter? And is there an option to force the second screen or use an Extension which supports this? I hope somebody can help because I want to use the CRT screen for editting photo's.
  6. Acer Laptop Keyboard Mappings?

    Tried the uphuck series and also the kalyway 10.4.10 dvd Install goes fine, but then after the reboot it starts from hdd and locks at the apple logo with the message to reboot again....
  7. Anybody got Macosx working on this laptop? I cant get it to work. Install goes fine, then after reboot apple logo and thats it. message within that it needs a reboot. help... I would really like to have macosx to work on my laptop. And anybody news on the IPW3945 ?
  8. Acer Laptop Keyboard Mappings?

    sorry, cant help you. But I've got a 5672, seems almost the same except for the video, I've got a Ati card. How did you manage to install macos? The install goes fine but whene I reboot I get the apple logo and then an error that i need to reboot. Did you applies any patches and boot parameters? Thnx and I hope somebody else can help you.
  9. Which 10.4.10 Update?

    Kookal messed up my uphuck 1.4i r3 install. Even after a fresh install. Didn't completed the post-update-scripts, stopped with an error to try again, didn't work. After reboot system crashes. So I stay with 10.4.9