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  1. Hi, I just read your request. I have a 0x71c7 device (sapphire x1650 256Mo PCI) on my 10.4.5. I installed the modbin's X1650 package and the fix package for 71c7. It works for the good resolution but I do not get the QE available. Did you finally get the QE available on your 10.4.6? In this case could you please give me the right way for this? Thanks in advance,
  2. x1650 agp and pcie

    Hi, Thanks for your modbin's installer but it should only work for 10.4.8 and more as mentionned. Could you tell me if I have a chance on my 10.4.5 version (Jas, kernel 8.4.1) with my Sapphire X1650 256Mo PCI graphics card (device:0x71c7) (currently only 1024*768 without Q/E)? In any case, could you give the right way to get the Q/E available? Thanks in advance,