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  1. I was using audio kext from the link i post before, ahh and the dsdt.aml too i didnt even made it myself , the one from the link works fine for me
  2. Have this mobo too, net, sound, hdd all works in 64bit - using pcefi 10.5 Use this as reference http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=186707
  3. pajdek

    Ralink RT2860 + Snow leopard HELP

    these should work under 32 bit mode
  4. pajdek

    DWL-G122 C1 not working on 10.6.1?

    boot with -x32 flag (this is for netkas pcefi 10.1 boot, for chameleon its arch=368 or similar dont remember - just look around the forum), get osx USB(RT257x/RT2671) driver from ralink support site, open dmg, go to 10.5 folder, open installer with pacifist put out rt73.kext (im at work dont remember the exact name), drop the kext on kext helper. Rest is in my prev post. DO ALL THESE IN 32BIT MODE After all that in 32 bit mode i have inet via my wifi dongle, in 64bit SL works but without wifi, no KPs. My mobo is Rampage formula (intel x48 chipset). EDIT: One more thing - Its only for C1 version of the usb dongle, prev veriosn have diff chipset, rt2500 prolly. EDIT2: just got email from ralink about SL drivers :censored2:
  5. pajdek

    DWL-G122 C1 not working on 10.6.1?

    I have it working but only on 32 bit SL, 64bit is no go yet since theres no 64bit kext Used ralink driver opened 10.5 verision with pacifist - extracted kext and apps, dropped kext on kext helper, rebooted in to 32 bit mode, after loading ran first ralinkwakeup (or smilir name dont remember) then ralink wireless utility.
  6. Weird i did the same as you and it works for me in 32 and 64 bit SL - just edited 436211ab to 436411ab
  7. pajdek

    (SL) RT73 USB Wlan Stick

    On the ralink support site there is no 64bit kext, only 32bit for 10.5, but i can confirm that dlink dwl-g122 (rt73 chip) works on SL when booting in 32 bit mode, 64b no go. Prolly we will have to wait.
  8. Could you post these here, also are these 64bit?
  9. Well i gave up boot132, made a bootable usb pendrive, restored retail SN dvd to hd and all works
  10. yup same for me boot 132 hangs after loading hfs+ fine [mach kernel] from 422f700
  11. I assume it should work in rampage formula too, will try it when i get back from work
  12. pajdek

    Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    anyone can change it to work with RT2860 pci card?
  13. pajdek

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    BiTRiP could you write a little guide how to mod an asus bios especially for p5q series mobos?
  14. Hi Sander122 How did you manage the marvell sata controller to work? Did you edit any kexts?
  15. pajdek

    Kalyway 10.5.1 and 45nm Processors

    Have Kaly 10.5.1 + 5.2 up Switched from E6400 to E8400 on asus p5b dlx No issues, leo boots fine bout your issue, look in bios, make sure all settings are set proper