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  1. GTX 750Ti on 10.11.6 KPs

    Hi guys, I'm not at all experienced with the whole DSDT thing as my Asus P5K is sort of a plug and play with OS X, but ever since i installed the 750Ti(with WEB drivers ofc) i'm getting a lot of kernel panics while using intense graphics(3D games) or even hardware acceleration in Flash or Silverlight. My SMBIOS is Mac Pro 3,1 and i can't change it to anything newer since it's the only one that will boot with my Xeon X5460. Therefore i'm asking if patching DSDT might help resolve this issue or should i just get a newer Mobo/CPU to match the graphics era and the newer SMBIOS. EDIT: if it's any help - i'm using Clover Legacy
  2. Would love some help here, After the 10.10.4 update, system booted no problem with nvda_drv=1, the driver manager automatically switched to default driver and prompted for update. I installed the update, os x booted normally with WEB driver active, everything was perfect. Unfortunately, another reboot, i can't get it to work with nvda_drv=1 anymore. Tried enabling or disabling the WEB driver in Nvidia Driver manager, but to no avail, the only way to boot is with nvdisable. Any ideas what's causing this issue? EDIT: Nevermind, reinstalling the drivers worked just fine(didn't think the problem was so simple)
  3. Well then someone please clarify if the kext is easily transferable or everyone has to do the patching by themselves, if not i'll delete my link to prevent confusion. Maybe it differs for every card model or smbios.
  4. System/Library/Extensions, after that paste this into terminal and restart sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions sudo chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions sudo kextcache -Boot -U /
  5. Is anyone having artifacts in Safari on pictures(jpegs/pngs) embedded with JavaScript(I'm assuming it's JS, because happens mostly on facebook and gallery-like sites) as in attached pic? Everything was fine on Radeon 4850 with Exotic Patch, now i'm on 750Ti and Web Drivers (346.02.03f03 patched for 14F1509, but it's been happening also on f02) Oh and by the way, here's my patched 346.02.03f.03 web driver and NVDAStartup.kext for 14F1509, just remember to repair permissions after swapping it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7b313mgc0it0vw0/NVWE_14F1509.zip?dl=0
  6. Could you please clarify, is 560Ti working without any trouble and the issues You encountered were solely with system files? I'm on 10.10.5 going 10.11 soon and i wanted to buy this exact card. I've been using radeon 4850 with QE_CI exotic patch ever since (first with chameleon, now with clover) and never had to do any patching or dsdt switching so i wanted to go for a card that will work without issues after system updates.
  7. No sound from ALC883 on 10.8.2

    I finally made it work fine with VoodooHDA, but... I realized i made a rookie mistake and installed OSX on a case sensitive partition and some applications can't be installed on those, so i had to format and reinstall. As it appeared this time the sound is working from the beginning. I believe earlier the reason was that i had a creative X-fi card which i knew wouldn't work on OSX so i ignored it but system probably detected it anyways. During this install the card was out, cause it was pointless to keep it installed and as it appears that fixed the problem. Just to be clear the one that was now automatically installed by iATKOS for my card is VoodooHDA 2.7.2 and it works perfect even without prefpanel. Thanks for all responses, topic closed for me.
  8. No sound from ALC883 on 10.8.2

    @mirone23 - I guess i tried this one yesterday, but anyway gave it a shot and still nothing. Not even Intel HD Audio in system report. Again some weird thing is happening because after install & reboot there were 2 kexts running: but after another reboot they disappeared. I mean AppleHDA is still in S/L/E but not running. @nutric - As i said i installed the newest Voodoo (2.8.4) and it worked, but the sound was completely distorted. Of course i'll try this one too thanks, but i don't know if it's gonna be any better. EDIT: Ok, the Voodoo works, but again the sound is very distorted at times. Maybe there are some suggested settings for Voodoo to make it sound loud & clear. In windows i'm using half the volume and here 100% with the same volume on my amplifier. I know there are fixes that can be found in Voodoo contents, but when i used the half volume fix earlier it only artificially made it louder(like in VLC 200%) so it only made it terrible to listen. I may be overreacting here because i'm eventually gonna use a USB/FW audio interface for home recording, but i'm trying to get a grasp on stability and managing workarounds for problems with osx86.
  9. No sound from ALC883 on 10.8.2

    First of all, Hi! I've just started my adventure with OSX86. The distro i had chosen was iATKOS ML2. Mostly because i'm a newb when it comes to hackintosh and it was said to be easy-peasy. Installation went well, just had to add kexts for ethernet (L1) and exotic patch for Radeon 4850. Those are working perfectly. Unfortunately i can't make my sound card work. It's really weird because many people reported sound working with this distribution on my exact MoBo, without installing anything. I've tried every kext i found for ALC883 on 10.8.2 and none worked. Of course i always repaired rights and rebuilt cache after deleting previous ones. It somehow started working with this http://www.osx86.net/files/file/841-applehda-kext-ml-patched-for-alc883/ which some people recommended. There are 4 files: AppleHDA.kext HDEFInject.kext LegacyAppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext LegacyHDAPlatformDriver.kext So i installed AppleHDA and after reboot there was still no sound, but the Intel HD Audio appeared in system report. I was frustrated so with a wild guess i installed HDEFInject, rebooted and... the sound was working perfectly. Unfortunately after next reboot it disappeared forever, even tried to replicate these steps but to no avail. I also tried VoodooHDA, but the sound quality was horrible, so there's no way i'm going back to it. Would love some help on that matter from more experienced users. My setup: C2D e6750 Asus P5K(ICH9/ALC883) Ati Radeon 4850