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  1. bullfroglou

    HD4000 problems with Lenovo Z500

    Yeah, I have no clue how to fix the mic either.
  2. bullfroglou

    HD4000 problems with Lenovo Z500

    I'm using MacBookPro9,2 as my SMBIOS configuration now. Clover does not support MacBookPro9,1 anyway. If you are looking for a ALC269 kext, I suggest you to search "Lenovo Z580 ML Installation" in Google to find the solution.
  3. bullfroglou

    HD4000 problems with Lenovo Z500

    Thank you sir. Followed your post, I realized I deleted those graphics-related files to get the installation done so there's no plist file in AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext. So I replaced all the kext files with the original ones and it worked!
  4. bullfroglou

    HD4000 problems with Lenovo Z500

    Hi all, I got my new laptop a week ago and have been struggling with its HD 4000 Graphics Card after Mountain Lion was installed. I use clover as bootloader and have been able to fix most of the problems at this point. Yet I still cannot turn on the QE/CI with my graphics card. I tried the "magic code", EDID Injection, also followed some DSDT modification methods in the forum, but still with no luck. So frustrated at this point. Can anyone help me with this? The dsdt file is attached. I made some patches on it (like Audio fix, DTGP etc.), but left the graphics part untouched. Along with it, I also put my Clover config file and my Display rom file in there. Hardware information is as follows: CPU:i7-3612QM Graphics:HD 4000 Audio:ALC269 Wireless:Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 (substituted with a USB Wireless Adapter) Lan:ATL810X Touchpad:Elan (Multi-touch is malfunctional) RAM:8GB HD:1T Thanks! config.zip
  5. bullfroglou

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi all, my name is Terry and I'm from China.