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  1. hafudo

    iMessage & Facetime is not working

    After August 4th, my imessages and facetime doesnt work. pop up message always show up that i should contact Customer Support with customer code. i did and its working now. when anybody get this kind of error since august. the solution is just call the customer support. its apple problem not your computer
  2. hafudo

    iMessage & Facetime is not working

    Thanks Allan, working like a charm....
  3. hafudo

    Boot Guide

    which one? my bootflag was -v -x -s kext-dev-mode=1 command to load FakeSMC.kext just like tutorial
  4. need help, iMessage and Facetime is not working. updating clover to Clover_v2k_r2696 is not working either.
  5. hafudo

    Boot Guide

    Good luck ekica, i think unplug all unimportant hardware and using additional boot flag -x (safe mode) maybe be helpful to reach installation menu
  6. hafudo

    Boot Guide

    it's AMD. boom... its working now. 1. unplug ethernet cable 2. booting using -v -x -s kext-dev-mode=1 3. unplug and replug usb keyboard when hang reaching the bash 4. loading FakeSMC.kext then exit 5. boom..... getting to installer menu
  7. hafudo

    Boot Guide

    GE = No / Yes till stuck on gray screen.
  8. hafudo

    Boot Guide

    any suggestion to solve this?
  9. hafudo

    Installation Guide for 10.10 DP1 - USB

    when hangs up. unplug and plug in again the keyboard. it was worked for me
  10. hafudo

    Boot Guide

    removing graphic kext from USB installer booting using -v -x -f -s kext-dev-mode=1 lading FakeSMC.kext and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext then exit. now getting light grey screen and then change to dark grey screen and nothin load. the cursor is not showing spinning beach ball
  11. hafudo

    Boot Guide

    unplug and then plug in again from usb port after showin IOBluetooth it was worked for me. but after processing FakeSMC, my computer always reboot
  12. hafudo

    Brand-new 2013 Mac Pro 6,1!

    cant wait to buy one
  13. hello.. i get problem with my display link USB to VGA adapter problem. it was detected but not working when i was using OSX 10.7 i can use 2 displaylink adapter working when using OSX 10.8 it was just 1 but then OSX 10.9 none any help will be grateful. thanks
  14. hafudo

    Can only boot in safe mode

    try to boot using -v (dart=0 fault) it was works for me