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  1. Without Kext-Dev-Mode it seems my computer won't wake up, with it on it'll reboot instead. Anyone see a connection that might fix? I do have darkwake enabled and as far as I knew that's the only parameter that has something to do with sleep.
  2. Just upgraded to Yosemite using Chameleon 2403, everything is smooth except one issue. It seems that if I leave my computer for a minimum amount of time (something like 20 minutes or so), I'll come back to find that it rebooted and is sitting on the login screen (even though I have it set not to request password on boot). No errors or reports that I can find. The reason I feel it may be rebooting is simply because all my applications are closed after logging back in (like Parallels or Sublime Text), instead of something like switching users would should keep those running. I've double checked to no hardware issues, and haven't had this issue when I had Mavericks or Mountain Lion. Current Chameleon setup looks like this, and is more or less the same of what I've always been using. Has this been happening to anyone else? Or anyone know I way to trace the issue so I can find a fix? Thanks!
  3. I currently have a TP Link TL-WN725N V1 which uses chipset Realtek RTL8188CUS. I've downloaded the Mac Drivers for this device from the Realtek website and the device works great! The issue I've come across is however that the device prevents my Hackintosh from Reboots and/or shutting down without freezing. When rebooting or shutting down, I get the usual terminal messages saying everything is being closed and unmounted, and then it *sounds* like my PC is about to reboot, but instead my screens go dead. Same thing happens when I'm about to shutdown. I've rebooted/shutdown without the device plugged in, and works perfectly. If I pull the device out when using my system, the entire system locks up. Here's my specs if needed. MB: Z87X-UD3H (BIOS F7) CPU: I7 4770 Mem: Mushkin 2x8GB SSD: ADATA sx900 128GB GPU: Asus GTX 760 2GB Any help is appreciated!
  4. A long overdue update! I in the end make it work! Here's the procedure I used for anyone else who may run in to this issue. -Use myHack to create a USB with the latest version of Mavericks from the app store. -Download the latest FakeSMC and make sure to add the Plugins in to the 'Plugins Folder' within the kext. -Download the latest AppleIntelE1000e.kext -Copy both files on to your USB in directory /System/Library/Extensions -Run myHack again but select 'Run myFix', and then Quick. -Reboot your PC, use bootflags 'GraphicsEnabler=No -v' Done! Boots, and installs, then boot with the same flags again. Notes: I couldn't get AppleHDA to work, ended up using VoodooHDA and works just fine.
  5. Gave it a shot, it's a no go unfortunately. Gave 0x3000 a shot too. Gave both a shot, no deal. I did make a bit more progress however. I reinstalled except with the latest FakeSMC from Sourceforge. I can do boot in to safemood after install with 'GraphicsEnabler=No -f -v -x', but get the screenshot as above. Note the screen doesn't go black, it just sticks on that Bluetooth problem. I noticed, Kryten, that you seemed to have the same problem in the tutorial thread here, seems to be the same issue I'm having. How did you end up fixing it?
  6. Really appreciating the help, Kryten! You were right, AppleHDA didn't do anything, so I tried something different. I took AppleHDA.kext, HDAEnabler1.kext, and AppleIntelE1000e.kext from here. I redid my cache and booted up my myHack with just -v, and it works! Got in to Mavericks, and installed! Another step done! Though, of course, I didn't expect it to be that easy. After installing, and attempting to boot for the first time, with -v, and -v -f, I get this and it stops there. Note I don't actually have a bluetooth device connected at all. To add, I had previously tried with removing my video card. and the latest chameleon as well (though I will double check and see what it does with the newly installed system!)
  7. I have F7 installed, and it all completely configured found from tutorials on this board, including IGPU. I read that AppleHDA may be the problem. I've deleted that, and regenerated my caches, but still it seems like I'm stuck on the wheel.
  8. Gave it a shot and made progress! Thank you! So I remade my myHack USB. I kept the FakeSMC it provides. I edited my Chamillion boot list to Graphic Enabler no, I removed a kext called Applekextexclusionlist (as I read it helps with mavericks), then ran myfix, and booted! I still get the errors from before now but I get a grey screen with the mouse working. I let it sit for maybe 45 minutes, but the mouse icon is still spinning. Tried with and without -f. What would be my next step? EDIT: Got in to safemode! Except, myHack doens't run in safemode correctly so I'm avoiding an install at the moment. I suspect that means there's a kext file my PC isn't agreeing with?
  9. I've been attempting to give this a shot for the last few days and am unfortunately failing miserably. I'm attempting to install Mavericks GM on my new system (simply cause I couldn't seem to find a proper way to install 10.8.5 on a USB). I'm using information and FILES found here that relates to my board, and myHack to help getting things rolling with setting up my USB. Here's my specs for those wondering: MB: Z87X-UD3H (BIOS F7) CPU: I7 4770 Mem: Mushkin 2x8GB SSD: ADATA sx900 128GB GPU: Asus GTX 760 2GB (plugged in by both HDMI, and DVI. Same time and one at a time) HDD: 3TB Seagate Barracuda (Unplugged during install) HDD2: 2TB Seagate Barracude (Unplugged during install) Essentially, I'm running 10.8.3 in a VM on my current Windows installation (Hoping to delete soon enough..), popping my USB in (I have a 2.0 and 3.0 USB that I've tried), running myHack with the Mavericks GM.app. Afterwards, I replace the kext files provided in the tutorial I linked above (overwriting, chmod, and chown over what myHack installed), and then added smbios and manually entered the entry in the chameleon plist to use that SMBios. Note that I'm only doing these extra options because without them it wasn't working either. Boot tags I've tried are the usual, GraphicsEnabler yes and no, PCIRootUID 1 and 0, -x, -v, -f. Nada. Running -v -f, this is what appears on my screen before it goes completely black and nothing happens (and my computer shutting down after about 5 minutes). Same thing happens in Safemode, except the smcReadKeyAction. Would anyone have any suggestions for me? I previously had an ASUS board with a 2700k and it was a breeze to install, just this Haswell is giving me a bit of issue. Any help is appreciated!