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  1. Nvidia 6600GT 256 mb PCIe not working

    Has anyone solved this issue yet? It's strange some people get their cards work with the same devID and some don't. I think I've tried everything with Kalyways 10.5.2 and 10.5.3 update. BTW My card is xfx 6600gt 256 MB pcie dvi+vga+tv. /Dennis ps to get it working under 10.4.11 i had to replace gfx-kexts (and maybe opengl.framework from 10.4.9... i don't remember) and use natit_edited.
  2. Hi! Are there different kernels to try and can they make any difference in getting my gfx work with acceleration? I've seen a few variants of 10.4.8 but are there newer ones too? This far I've only tried with uphuck 10.4.9 and 10.4.10. I've had problems getting my 6600gt (id0140) working and I think I tried all methods (different "titans", editing kexts, tried all outputs and so on) but my os always hangs while loading nvdaresman (by any reason my devID is included in the nvdanv40 file but NOT in nvdaresman and if I add it, even without installing titan, it hangs on boot). MSI-P965 mobo (hpet supported and that bl--dy jmicron) core2duo 4400 Palit 6600gt 256 MB pcie dual id 0140 For the moment I've installed vista so i can use my gfx card but thats not what i really want... not at all. Cheers Dennis
  3. Yes i know many people have made their 6600s work and thats what frustrating. Even with my devID. I've spend hours and hours on trying all different methods I've read about and in all almost every combination. Now I suspect it's no because of my graphics card but because of my mainboard Msi P965. Many have had all kind of problems with this chipset and I guess there still are some compatibility issues... Anyway I have given up for the moment (installed vista yesterday... not so bad actually but not as good as os x ). When a new macvidia driver with acceleration enabled or a new os x release with my devid included in nvdaresman (MANY cards are included now but not mine) I'll give it another try. But for now I don't think it's possible. Cheers and thank you for your help. Dennis
  4. I've tried DVI, vga, and DVI with vga adapter. /Dennis
  5. I agree and I'm sorry if I was unclear in my earlier posts. I CAN boot my Os X into graphical mode without nitan/titan and without any modifications to nvdaresman. But when I add my devID to nvdaresman it gets unbootable, same scenario if i add titan or natit. I'm ready to give up I've tried a few different osx installations, i've tried macvidia, nvinject, natit, titan (with and without ready installers), i've tried to edit geforce, nvdanv40 and nvdaresman, i've tried to replace opengl.framework and the kextxs from apple's official package. All this in different combinations. Just one more straight question to all of you with edited nvdaresman.kext: Do your os x boot without titan or natit (WITH edited nvdaresman)? Doh Agrgh Sob Dennis
  6. I've never managed to install working drivers for my palit 6600gt pcie but i noticed that it is recogniced as a XFX 6600gt (same device id). Might that be the problem or is it because the cards are identical (are they?)? However XFX have their firmware and palit another and I thought the id was given to osx from the firmware. This is strange... If I add the devID to nvdaresman -> black screen (or blue or reboot system message) when trying to start loginwindow. Shall I search for another bios to my card? It sounds a bit scary but if that's the only way.... please help. /Dennis
  7. Tnx Boinkytwo but my os DO boot if I remove my ID entries in nvdaresman.kext. The problem is I cannot add my device id without causing hangs or "black displays". I've just done a clean install with jas 10.4.8 and can't get my nvidia gfx working correctly with acceleration. I tried to install titan, natit, nvidiaefi, nvinject both with or without kext editing. I've noticed my os hangs even if i edit nvdaresman WITHOUT installing natit or such so my 1st goal now is to add the id's in the files and get osx starting without natit. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the tip but unfortunately it didn't work. "Please reboot" screen pops up. Any more suggestions? BTW I've updated to 10.4.10 but the problem remains. /Dennis
  9. I've been struggling to get my 6600gt for days now and I think I've tried everything and anything. 1. Installed uphuck 1.3 with natit -> all black, so i removed natit manually and can boot in 1024 2. Tried natit (dual and normal), titan, macvidia and nvidiaefi -> same as above 3. Edited geforce, nvdanv40, and nvdaresman with any of above ->black 4. I keep edited geforce and nvdanv40 but remove natit and replace nvdaresman with the original. -> Boot in 1024 5. So osx boots with just geforce and nvdanv40 edited and orginal nvdaresman. I try with an older version of nvdaresman and edit it. -> Nothing, or no graphic atleast. Stays when booting loginwindow. I have dvi+vga output on my card and tried both, even with dvi->vga adapter. Now I try to edit nvdaresman without installing natit to get it working. I've tried to edit it in many ways (added id in the beginning or end, with some suffix or without and so on) and all results are the same. Why can't I edit this file? What can be the problem? I really need some help here before I'm lacking out... AAARRRGGGHH My h/wMSI P965 Core2duo 4400 Gigabyte 6600ti (2 outputs pcie) 0x0140 Any ideas? Cheers