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  1. Light Sensor Readout App

    what your looking for is proximityState on the Apple Developer Reference sites. They're both in the same
  2. OK... If you're not a programmer, it'll be interesting. Xcode 3 was more geared towards helping non-developers, Xcode4 went the other way and was relentless. 1) In terms of full screen mode, you can't do that as of yet. Full-screen mode on any application dominates the screen rendering any other application as a background application. The way it does this is that Full Screen has it's own 'Space' i.e. it's own desktop in layman terms. When you enter into full screen, the screen slides over (as if you were switching space), and it's either that app or nothing. If you +⇥ (CMD+Tab) it'll slide back to the primary desktop, where your others apps are living. Could you explain a little more as to what you're trying to achieve?
  3. @JCC Unfortunately, Mac already has this dating back to Lion Here's a post I just tracked down for you to ogle: http://appleinsider.com/articles/11/03/31/mac_os_x_10_7_lion_to_introduce_multi_user_screen_sharing Myself and my employees use it a lot on our test development (Mavericks) server. It's not as flexible as we'd like it to be, but none the less it comes part and parches of the package.. If you could get something more flexible on the go, you'd be a LEGEND amongst Mac administrators! @everyone else, I'm currently working on a git SCM issue plugin for Xcode 5. it won't be a regular plugin as apple have hidden the API's and it's against my NDA to even touch them, so I'm working on a fine mix of Applescript, SH Scripting and a libgit2 fork which filters through source-changes to find '//TODO:' or 'ISSUE: xx' (where xx) is a float (i.e. 10.0 10.3 etc...), adds them to a database (As well as to an 'ISSUELOG.md' before finishing the PUT. The way I plan to implement it for 'easy access' is one of two ways. 1) Via Services, i.e. Xcode (menu) -> Services (which personally I don't like) or via the Help with 'Help (menu) --> Isssue Manager'. When I get the core of it working here, I'll up something to GitHub and let your know Cheers, AdriHD
  4. Indeed it would be a bad idea. Part of the management system is to control fan speeds etc... On regular macs, the SMC relies on the Proc-Management to ensure that if it's overheating it either speeds up the fans or slows down the processor (via FSB). On top of that, when you're not using as much processing power as you need, it drops the various core essentials (voltages, speeds etc...) to conserve power i.e. handy in laptops. When the power is needed it then allocates and distributes the tasks accordingly across the cores until the maximum threshold is reached. A good example is this intel's Power Gadget output with Management on (on my Mac Pro). As you can see it was idling away, then i did a /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb to put some pressure on the processor (as you cans ee, it dynamically changes: Furthermore, if you're a developer, you can get interesting information from the underlying processor management subsystem. Hope my input helps. Cheers, AdriHD
  5. New User as Apple Dev

    Hi Guys n Gals, I thought I'd say hi as I've just joined in the fun and games! I come here as a current apple developer (on official apple hardware of course and with proper developer accounts ). I pretty much write anything and everything from kexts all the way through to AppleScript and Quartz bits and bobs If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Just don't bombard me with silly questions please I come from a strong Windows and BSD background peppered with spatterings of *NIX dabbling, so when it comes to most computer systems, I pretty much know the ins and outs I'm a director of 2 companies in the UK. One deals with Apple and UNIX environments (both development and system admin) and the other is a pet project of mine which is due to go public within the next few months. Anyway, erm.. I'm 34, from SE UK, a guy I spend a lot of time building electronic projects (mainly MCU based i.e. PIC MCU, various ARM archs and have started working with intel archs (atom) recently). So if you have any electronic or electronic <-> PC/Mac integration questions, feel free to ask me too Anyway, time to go looking about and see whats going on! Hasta la pasta! AdriHD