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  1. mucked up

    Thank's it worked. At least it wont get confused or more like angry as I changed things again. cyberghoser1 thank you so much for that.
  2. mucked up

    Hi there downloaded iATKOS_ML3U to put on a Dell dimension 9100 P4 3000mhz and 4gb ddr2. So I downloaded it on my other PC and also downloaded an iATKOS_ML3 ISO image. I set the PC to turn off after all downloads last night which it did. Here is where it is mucked up I turned on my PC this morning and up popped a multi boot message asking for me to choose what OS to boot in to. Win 7 or NST Mac OS X bugger so I just thought I will see if it boots to OS X which I did not want on this system. It comes up the apple start then after you choose to boot it says it is missing the MBR and hit Ctrl Alt Del to reboot. So I go in to Win 7 control panel > System> Advanced System settings> Advanced>startup and recovery >settings and then take the tick out of Time to display list of operating systems. Now I know that the OSX bit is still in there is there a way to just remove that option? And thank you in advance
  3. Introduce yourself

    Hi all well have not used Mac's much since 1996 when I did a degree in computer graphics. Loved them just could never buy one. Been in IT industry since in some way. A mate gave me a Dell Dimension 9100 so I'm going to see if I can turn that in to a Hackintosh. Hope to learn a lot about it all here.