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  1. I am a new to hackintosh and this forum and have tried to install mountain lion on my PC. The machine specs are: Motherboard: ASUSTek Maximus IV Extreme-Z (LGA1155) Intel Core i7 2600K 3.40Ghz Dual Graphics cards 3072MB ATI AMD Redeon HD 7900 Realtek Audio ALC 889/ ASUS VS247 447GB ATA OCZ-REVODRIVE3 M SCSI SSD - Windows 7 Installed Two 2TB Segate SATA drive, one with Mountain Lion, other empty I downloaded the last copy of Mountain Lion from the App Store over the week and followed tonymacx86 guide to install Mac Os on one of my 2TB drives. Have to set the boot flag 'GraphicsEnabler=No' to boot successfully but otherwise installed the OS without problem. Have some issues: 1. Cannot boot into my machine. The Chimera bootloader was giving me the boot0 error, followed tonymacx86 guide but it has not resolved the issue, instead I now get this error on startup 2. This mean I can only boot into the mac by plugging in the ##### usb, and booting from that. Even then the booting starts, apple logo shows. Then the screen goes white and stays like that. Then I turn my machine off and like magic when I turn it back on I am right in the mac os login screen. Anyone heard of this problem before ? 3. The audio seems to work, with the default the sound is really quiet. On max volume I can just hear my music. Then tired installing the RealTek ALC 889 via ##### but now I get no sound at all! Could really do with some help guys, my first time. Thanks! Full disclosure: I have already posted this question on tonymacx86 forum but no one has responded yet.