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  1. Hi guys, first of sorry to wake this old thread, I'm trying really hard to get my SR 2 to work with my dual GPU GTX 480. Right now I'm stock in a step that i know the next one is to show OSX GUI when booting to use OS X, and that every single thread that i found related to this boot problem, points to the GPU. Here is are my hw specs EVGA SR-2 2 x EVGA GTX 480 2 x Westmere 5620 @ 2.40GHz (no overclocking) 24 GB RAM ECC Reg Tri channel 1 x OCZ 120gb SATA III 1x 2TB Seagate SATA III WiFi Broadcom Installed using iAtkos L2 Selected IOPCIFamily, Disabler, CPU Throtler, FakeSMC, Graphics Enabler, GT100 for GTX fermi support, Chameleon 2.1, AHCI SATA, SSD TRIM First i ran the installation with one CPU and one GPU, then when i booted completly i added the second CPU, and the rest of the RAM, everything went normal, i got to the osx gui, all cores and ram is recognized and I'm able to perform anything that i want, but when i add the second GPU the boot process stucks at "DSMOS has arrived". I tried PCIRootUID=1, but when i get to the gui the resolution is stuck at 1280x1024, i tried also npci=0x2000 and npci=0x3000 and gives the same result. Also did a new fresh installation using ATY_init and with that kext i got into osx with the corresponding resolution, but the weird thing is that when i turn on the computer the dvi cable is connected to the primary gpu card, but when the osx gui appears, i have to switch the cable to the secondary GPU and when i open the System Information, both card shows up, but the secondary GPU reports only 512mb of vram instead of 1534MB. As a side note, the Mac Pro version appears as 3,1, i changed it with ###### to MacPro 5,1 but the problem still persist. Is there something you guys did or somewhere to point me as guidance or resignation? Maybe a cheer, LOL. hope you can help me out! Thanks in advance. Best regards!
  2. [SOLVED] SR-2 help... various issues

    Hi guys, first of, i've been following the osx86 community long ago and all i can say is that this community rocks, everybody helping everybody, that's how everything should be. Ok, now to the point, i've been strugguling with my hack, here are the specs. iAtkos L2 EVGA SR 2 2 x EVGA GTX 480 1534mb vram 24GB RAM tri channel 2 x XEON 5620 @ 2.4ghz (stock speed) 1x OCZ 120gb SSD 1 x 2TB Seagate 1x250gb seagate 1x mini pcie wifi broadcom a/b/g/n The installation of Lion goes smoothly, even with the second vid card and cpu plugged in. In the setup i had to select the ATY_init kext, otherwise when booting the computer will freeze at "DSMOS has arrived", even with the needed IOPCI patch. The question is, when using the ATY_init kext start the pc, the dvi cable is connected to the primary vga card in the first dvi connector but when i get to lion i have to switch the cable to the second card and when i go into sysinfo both cards show up in slot 1 and the one that is being used as the primary card in the os (secondardy vid card physically) shows 512mb vram instead of 1534mb and both cards shows rom netkast.org This is what i've tried so far in the setup 1. Install first just with GraphicsEnabler, boots up with one card, shut down, plug in second card boot hangs at DSMOS arrived. 2. Boot with PCIRoot=1, PCIRootUID=1, but with this my resolution is stock at 1280x1024. 3. Install ATY_init, both are recognized but then the above problem arises. I really appreciate if somebody can help me out, at this point i'm in an endless loop. By the way, lion was able to recognize my all 8 cores with their corresponding threads and the 24gb of ram, im just struggling with the video and audio. EDIT: I got pass the DSMOS has arrived... get your VID card string and inject it into the chameleon boot... boom!
  3. Sound IDT 92HD206

    Hi guys, I had been a long time out of the OSx86 scene... and I'm really impressed what all of you have done until now... I have a really pain in the ... problem, I had a ECS black series A780GM-A MB with already installe Lawless 10.5.4 OSx86, almost everything worked OOTB excetp for the WiFi and the Audio, im going to focus here in the audio. I already tried the driver posted here without success, also the thread about Getting IDT audio to work and didn't work. Is there a driver compatible with this MB, my sound chipset is IDT 92HD206. Thanks in advance
  4. Can anybody post the installation guides to install the nForce 4 SATA driver, I'm stock... I already downloaded the sta driver, the only thing its that i dont know how to install it or replace or whatever I need to do... My hardware AMD X2 4200 (2.2GHz) Motherboard Abit KN9 chipset nForce 4 SATA II