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    Geforce go 7400 is working(CI&QE)

    I use VAIO SZ14sp that use GeForceGo7400 but my internal display is not work. I use vga output by nviject 0.2.0 and it good. Any recommend for my internal display. I use 10.5.1 from Kalyway disk.
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    Any one Help! I use Sony Vaio Sz14sp that use GeforceGo7400 and My display on laptop is not work. I use Nviject0.2.0 the make it work with external display. Is it possible to make this one work with my computer? I read and try on my com and it still not work. (because I don't Understand ) Oh! I use Leopard 10.5.1 From Kalyway disk Another question. My Laptop have other Display that is intel945 but when I use it. It can display on my laptop screen but It display only 1024x768 that is not full screen. My full screen is 1280x800. It is possible to make it full. Thanks Other question did I do something wrong when I copy to library\extentions\ directory It show up that It not proper install please contact vender something like this I don't know how to do then I attach the EDID that I do from monitorinfo but I dont know how to do next monitor.txt
  3. I think we should have new topic Driver for Leopard of not?
  4. Please help I need only where do i fix my problem I just install leopard 10.5.1 from kalyway disk (Thanks) but my network and sound is not work at all I have VGA : Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 <------ I fix by nviject Lan : Marvell Yokon 88e8036 <----- it not work. I try to fix as i do in 10.4.10 but still not work wireless : Intel Pro 3945 B/g <------ Not work I try iwidarwin (http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/) it not support leopard Audio : Sigme tel 65535 <-------Not work finding the solution I think if I get one of the net work It OK (I prefer Lan ) Other question my Leopard show up .ds_store and .localized files and a lots of hiddin file. How to hide it again Please..... Thanks
  5. I use command "open osinstall.mpkg" and It show up open failed Couldn't open "OSinstall.mpkg" Is I do something wrong. what i have to do next? Thanks
  6. It realy interesting to test because I try many version of disk ToH kalyway brazilmac.(may be I'm not understand how to do It is not work at all for my notebook.) I use vaio sz14. Please explain to me step by step please. I'm totally new for this. and If you are very kind please post it with picture in step by step. It just the request. very thanks