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  1. Thank you for all the replies I will stick to El Capitan as of now but will wait until the final release of high Sierra to see if gt610 is supported natively else will make a jump with new card. I have now installed the high Sierra beta in a vm. Thanks again.
  2. Dear members, I've been using hackintosh almost 2 years now but still on El Capitan because it supports nVidia GT610 natively. I'm still unable to use Sierra or High Sierra (latest public beta) with GT610. I've searched lot of forums online and found that GT610 doesn't support Sierra or High Sierra for hardware acceleration and hence the display is not proper as it should be like on El Capitan where it just works fine. Could anyone please let me know if GT610 can be made to work with either Sierra or High Sierra with hardware acceleration? Below is my system configuration. Core i5-4460 24 GB RAM nVidia GT610 120 GB SSD Many thanks.
  3. Thanks guys.... I got it working now... Issue was with a bug in the version of the tool which was used to create the bootable USB.... Version was revised with bug fixed and Bingo.... all seems working now. The above listed guide from davelloyd also helped me...thanks.
  4. Dear all, I successfully created the bootable USB of El Capitan using ##### 6.1.0. After selecting boot OS X, it displays + signs as below, +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++_ I've tried to use the below flag in the Clover boot options but still the same issue. nv_disable=1 -v Configuration :- Intel core i5 4460 ASUS B85M-G 8 GB RAM Geforce Nvidia - GT610 128 GB Transcend SSD Could anyone help with this please ? Thanks.
  5. Dear anonyus I'd already watched this video, however, they're using the already created vmware image of El Capitan. However, I'm looking forward to vmware install from .dmg file. Thanks. Regards
  6. Dear experts, I'm new to the mac world however have been using Mountain Lion in a VM (downloaded online). Right now, I want to install El Capitan in a VM on Workstation 11. What I have right now, Hardware :- - Dell Vostro 2420 running Win8.1 64 bit. - Intel core i5 3230M - 4 GB DDR3 RAM - Intel B75 express chipset - Intel HD4000 graphics - 500 GB WD HDD Software :- - Working Mountain Lion VM - El Capitan dmg/iso file downloaded from Mountain Lion. - El Capitan Bootable USB created from Mountain Lion - VMware Workstation 11 / 12. Could anyone help me on how to install El Capitan on, - VMware Workstation - On Dell Vostro 2420 laptop So far I've tried to search lot many forums, but what is see is that they use the pre-configured vm image in the videos. While I tried to use ISO image and boot, it shows a STOP/restricted sign. Tried adding setting like smc.version = "0" and disabling sound but to no avail. Greatly appreciate any help on this... Thanks.